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Can’t beat this at the price. Heavy, grassy scent of ripe green apple. Short lived, acidic and apple driven palate. Super dry and fruity. All the fun of an easy-drinking PG without breaking the bank. ~Pirate Mike
we 91 js 90
Shelf Location — 94a
The soft bite of the bubbles opens the palate to a well balanced yet ever present acidity followed by a red fruit attack predominantly featuring strawberry and ripe watermelon. This bottle just begs to be paired with fresh fruit salad and a loved one. One of the better bubbly's under $20; rose or otherwise. ~Dan
ww 93 we 90
Shelf Location — 18d
Deep, enticing purple color in the glass. Nose of plums and dark berries. Fruity upon entry with a quick transition into gravel and spices with a medium-length finish reminiscent of forest floor and wood. Somehow, the tannins are both soft and prevalent. Well balanced and undeniably enjoyable ESPECIALLY for this price. ~Pirate Mike
js 90
Shelf Location — 101c
Great no-nonsense bottle. Crisp citrus and grassy notes when ice cold. Opens up to tropical and peachy tones when warmed up. Taking this to the clam bake. ~Dan
Shelf Location — 53b
Derived from the Icelandic word for smoke, Reyka embodies the purity and uniqueness that the island is known for. Distilled using geothermic power and arctic spring water that runs through a 4000 year old lava field, its crisp flavor and silky texture makes for an incredibly easy drinking experience, both mixed and and on its own. Green focused and gluten free, Reyka is a wonderful alternative to to higher and similarly prices vodkas such as Grey Goose and Tito's. My new go to spirit! ~Matt
Shelf Location — 32c
This is a delicious example of what true Champagne should be. Great acid and full body make for a mouthwatering and rich drinking experience. Elegant bubbles and notes of freeze-dried green apple and lemon rine are accompanied by chalky minerality and subltle yeastiness with a persistent finish. Easily my favorite bubbly for the price. ~Pirate Mike
jg 92 vm 92
Shelf Location — 16c
Nothing says spring like a glass of this sparkling Gamay. This off dry bubbly with a slightly tart cherry flavor has you going for another sip immediately. Strawberry, cherry and other dark fruits mix together with a slight creaminess that can compliment any light appetizer, preferably enjoyed out on the deck. This will undoubtedly change the minds of anyone who has been hesitant about sparkling Rose and reassure those who know they do nothing but enhance a beautiful day. ~Mike
rp 90
Shelf Location — 18a
This bottle of rose bubbly is fantastic. Great texture, and ripe fruit flavors. Total knockout at this price! ~Pirate Mike
jd 91
Shelf Location — 18d
Put down the chocolate bunnies, skip the jelly beans and include something they will remember for years to come. Sweet, rich and full bodied this opens big and powerful with dates and raisins right on the forefront. Lingering hints of molasses and burnt brown sugar intertwine with notes of fig perfectly. This beautiful antique tawny is sure to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth this Sunday! ~Allison
wa 92
Shelf Location — 130e
this is a 375mL (wine) which is smaller than a regular 750mL bottle.
Opening with complex aromas of fresh fruit, brown sugar and nuts this is exactly what my sweet tooth was after! Full bodied with lingering notes of vanilla and toffee. Sweet, but not overwhelming - ending with well finished spice. This surely became an instant end of summer/fall favorite! ~Allison
Shelf Location — 15d
Ive had this bottle for a couple months now. While I dont ever break it out for sipping, I can safely say after all this time that it makes the most uncanny Manhattan that Ive ever had. Paired with bitter truth orange bitters and cocci vermouth di Torino, it smells and tastes like a mocha frappachino from that coffee shop in target. This is a must have for anyone that enjoys coffee, whiskey, and cocktails. ~Pirate Mike
Shelf Location — 47b
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