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Adesso Cagnina di Romagna 2018
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Adesso Cagnina di Romagna 2018

"Nobody knows where the name 'Cagnina' (ca-nee-na) comes from but it is known that the wine has been made only in the Romagna region, just south of Venice since the 13th century, and that it was even called Cagnina in those days. Grapey, jammy smooth as silk and unctuously sweet, this is a wine that's easy to fall in love with 'adesso.'" ~ Winery notes
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Size: 750mL (wine)
Closure: Cork

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"Nobody knows where the name 'Cagnina' (ca-nee-na) comes from but it is known that the wine has been made only in the Romagna region, just south of Venice since the 13th century, and that it was even called Cagnina in those days. Grapey, jammy smooth as silk and unctuously sweet, this is a wine that's easy to fall in love with 'adesso.'" ~ Winery notes

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Nobody knows from where the name Cagnina comes, but this wine has been made since the 13th century exclusively in the Emilia Romagna Region, just south of Venice, in Italy. "Adesso®," which means "now" in Italian, is a wine that is easy to love.

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There are 12 bottles in a case.  
Unfortunately we're not familiar with other stores inventory. We do however provide shipping for this wine if your interested in buying with us. Best,AllisonEmpire Wine

Reviews (134)


"I love this wine. Not too sweet or dry. Just right. I have been looking for a wine like this for a long time."


private review


Great Product

"Never ordered alcohol online but was very happy with the prices and shipping. The product got to the west coast very quickly! I will definitely be using Empire Wine again!"



"My favorite wine of all time!"

Carol Sue

We love this wine!!


First time

"Okay I bought this wine to try for my birthday and my mom and I LOVED it! Not too sweet, perfect after taste! I’m in love- and I never fall in love with wine!"



"I just love this wine, just wish it came in bigger bottles!"


Unbelievable! It's so smooth and velvety. Not too sweet or dry.


I love the smooth taste not too sweet just perfect

"I have already recommended it to my friends."


The Best Semi sweet wine

"If you are looking for a semi sweet red wine this is the one."


Good for sipping

"Love this because it’s velvety & somewhat sweet. I sip it in the evenings."


My favorite red wine

"I love this wine, I ordered a case before the holidays and gifted out many bottles. Everyone who received a bottle asked me where they can find it because they really enjoyed it too. I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys a full flavored wine without a super sweet or dry end. It's mild yet extremely flavorful, I enjoy every glass."


My favorite wine


Semi-sweet that everyone loves


Best red table wine!

"Have had several friends and family that now love this wine!"


Niceeeee...just right!

"A friend told me about it..."


Fantastic and addicting!

"Everyone in my family and it's large (mostly women) raved about the Adesso wine including me. Thank you!"


A great wine

"My wife and I love this wine because it is fruity but not overly sweet. It is very mild, just the way we like it."



"Love love love!!!"


The best


private review


Very good wine as I am converting from beer. Not too sweet and not too dry. Paid way too much at Jungle Jim’s based on prices I’m seeing on here.


This wine is totally delicious! It is just right. Not too sweet and very smooth. I’m going to order another case of this wine!

"This wine is so good! It is so smooth. It is a red wine that is not too sweet. After tasting it I ordered a case. I was so impressed with this wine that I readily shared it with my friends and family. Even white wine lovers raved about Adesso. This is a red wine that is definitely worth trying! I’m going to order another case of it."


Wine shop owner/fmr bartender

"A delightful sweetish red. Not too sweet - I think its just simple & smooth. Not tannic at all! I always suggest it to my clients that want a sweet red - but not too sweet or "thick". A balanced, light, sweet. Not "sucking on a tea bag" tannic in after flavor. Used at parties to make a lower sugar spakling wine by mixing with Sprite Zero - - and it makes a fabulous homemade Sangria too!"


I love this wine

"I have never ordered a case of any wine before. Now I have ordered 3 cases. It has such a mild and good taste"


Adesso Wine

"The only red wine I will drink. Cheaper to order on line than in a store. Delivered on time. Will order a case again."


Tasty Smooth Sweet


Amazing taste! Wonderful aromas!

"I mostly drink red wine. However, I do not like very dry wine. I used to drink Turning Leafs because of its aroma and flavor, till I found ADESSO. The sweet taste of berries is amazing. And Ben though I do not drink wine every day, I enjoy entertainment friends and making my sparkling wine with it. It is so refreshing and bubbly. I do recommend this wine. I am buying a few boxes myself to keep up stocked."


Absolutely love this wine. A sweet dark red wine. Great chilled or room temperature. Perfect pair with any dinner or relaxing and enjoyable with frien

"It’s a beautiful red dark sweet wine. Pairs perfect with almost any dinner. It’s great with friends sitting on a patio."


I love the earthy taste of this wine!


Love it

"Very quick delivery, packages perfectly, wine is sweet but not overbearing and I only drink sweet wine!!! Love it"


Amazingly delicious

"Tried it for the firstbtime. It was on sale at meijer and I have to say it's my favorite red wine of all time! It's smooth, sweet and delicious. A great sipping wine"

Richard D


"Wonderful wine.."


My favorite wine.

"This is absolutely the best red wine and overall just the best wine I've ever had. So smooth, just the right amount of sweetness and just in the middle for dryness. It's perfect, you won't be disappointed!"


Adds so Red

"Hard to find this wine in my area. Empire mailed it fast. We love this sweet, but not too sweet, wine."


private review


Favorite Red

"Discovered this red wine in colorado, im not much of a drinker or a wine drinker at that but this had me shoook! Lol its so tasty, sweet and smooth i have stocked up and have a glass nightly. I def would recommend this."


Adesso Cagnina di Romagna

"I am 57 years old. I enjoy (responsibly) several brands of beer, scotch, bourbons and blended whiskeys, I do not have much experience with wines. Adesso Cagnina was recommended to me by my daughter last holiday season. I enjoy it chilled (same as all alcohol) during dinner or evening relaxation. To me this is a nice wine at a good price. I will definitely order another case."


Adesso Canigna di Romana

"Amazing taste, Great price, Stocking/Aging it at home."



"I don't like red wine at all! My mechanic turned me on 2 this! And it's been 3 weeks of heaven!"


Utterly Mesmerizing

"If God made a wine personally, this is definitely what he made beyond the earth through the heavens . It is everything"


Absolute Favorite!

"Hands down this is my favorite wine!!!"


Love it one of my favorite wines


Sweet, delicious, Italian red.

"Not overly sweet but just right, great with any light fare, or even dessert."


Great sweet wine.


Lovely. Not too sweet.


Great wine


Just right !!!

"My favorite red wine ever , Got all my friends hooked on it .. also love how relaxed it makes me feel.. this wine is sold out in MD.. but I’m glad I can order online.. once you taste it , you will be hooked forever ... I loveeeee this wine... ADESSOOOOOO!!!!!! Give it a try"


Sweet & Delicious !!!

"Had this wine after dinner several years ago. Was so happy to find it. It's a sweet red, which is all my wife will drink."


Great taste

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