Averoldi 'Notorius' Groppello 2016

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Averoldi 'Notorius' Groppello 2016

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"Groppello is an autochthonous (indigenous) red-wine grape variety grown all along the southwestern side of Lake Garda in northern Italy. The name of this variety came from the Italian word Groppo, which means Knot, given to it because of the compactness of the grape bunches hanging from the vines.The Garda DOC that makes use of the variety straddles the regional border between Lombardy and Veneto, and is one of very few DOCs to cross over from one region to another. This may seem very forward-looking and collaborative (it should not be forgotten that Italian regional unity was only achieved in the late 19th Century), but divisions remain: on the Veneto side of the border, Gropello retains its local name, Rossignola."

"Groppello's main use is in the red wines of the Garda and Garda Bresciano DOCs, in which it plays a dominant role (30-60 percent), complemented by Sangiovese, Marzemino and Barbera. Single-variety Groppello wines are permitted under both of these DOC titles, but are extremely rare, mostly because Sangiovese (far more fashionable and profitable) is encroaching on the variety's traditional territory. Slightly farther east, just across the regional border in Veneto, Gropello (Rossignola) is sometimes used as a minor component (up to 10 percent) in the red wines of Valpolicella. Groppello wines are typically medium bodied and have a slightly bitter, nutty aroma, sometimes likened to that of bitter almonds." ~ Courtesy of the Internet and Wine Searcher

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Information about Averoldi 'Notorius' Groppello 2016

Bottles per case: 12

Type: Italian Red

Winery: Averoldi Family Vineyards

Region: Italy >  Garda

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