Boundary Breaks 'Bubbly' Dry Riesling 2017

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Boundary Breaks 'Bubbly' Dry Riesling 2017

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"The 2017 Bubbly Dry #356 is a carbonated Riesling sourced from Lahoma Vineyard and made by winemaker Chris Stamp (from Lakewood). It comes in with ten grams of residual sugar and 8.5 of acidity. This is made with a screwcap and forced carbonation, in the name of affordability (conversely, with the Ice Wine, Boundary Breaks goes full-on traditional), and it's not intended to be a French-style sparkler. It comes with a bar (a unit of measure) at around 3.8–3.9. This is a delightful success on its own terms. It's not complex—a sparkler this young could hardly be—but it otherwise does well. Edgy and crisp on opening, this shows off nice tension on the finish. It's not austere, though, and it follows through with some fruitiness and a crowd-pleasing hint of sweetness. I hesitate to say that because you may misunderstand—it is not sweet, just exuberant when opened with a finger on the scale in that regard. Overall, this is a nice buy and a ton of uncomplicated fun. It even has a bit of distinction, thanks to that tension on the finish. At the price point, you can knock this back regularly without guilt or hesitation. It is going to be a perennial success for the winery. How well will it age? Excellent question. I wouldn't count on that, but most will be drinking it very young anyway. It should be great this summer. That's all that should matter."

"For this Bubbly Dry, we start with a very dry Riesling, cool it down near freezing, then add carbon dioxide. Crisp, refreshing, and exploding with ripe flavors of peaches, apples, and apricots, it's a deliciously dry bubbly that will be sure to delight the palate!"~Distributor Notes

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Information about Boundary Breaks 'Bubbly' Dry Riesling 2017

Bottles per case: 12

Type: Bubbly Dry

Winery: Boundary Breaks

Region: New York >  Finger Lakes

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