Boundary Breaks Riesling Ice Wine 2018

Please note this is a 375mL (wine) bottle, which is smaller than a regular 750mL bottle.
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Boundary Breaks Riesling Ice Wine 2018

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The 2018 Riesling Ice Wine, made by winemaker David Breeden, was picked on January 14, 2018, and bottled on July 1, 2018. It comes in with 11.8% alcohol, 184 grams of residual sugar and 7.4 of total acidity. This, the winery is proud to point out, is a "true" ice wine—frozen on the vine, not cryogenically. The difference, they say, "is the level of concentration...prior to fermentation," which they described as 27.29 Brix for cryogenic versus close to 40 for this wine frozen on the vine. "Additionally, grapes left out in the elements turn brown and have a raisin-like quality...the 'Maillard Reaction'...converts sugars and amino acids into new compounds which are responsible for new and distinctive flavors...."

"The 2018 Riesling Ice Wine was naturally frozen on the vine and picked in January. Orange peel and spice notes accent layers of sweet honey, pineapple and mango in this lusciously sweet, silky ice wine. Big, unctuous and mouth-coating, with an underlying core of acidity that enlivens the wine and keeps it from being cloying. Strikes of lemon-lime acidity add zest and vibrance through a long, lingering finish."~Distributor Notes

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Information about Boundary Breaks Riesling Ice Wine 2018

Bottles per case: 6

Type: Dessert Wine

Winery: Boundary Breaks

Region: New York >  Finger Lakes

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