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Brotherhood Winery Holiday Spiced Wine
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"Sweet, red wine with a saucy, sweet, tart, spicy taste. Just heat, then wait for the pungent and tantalizing aroma that will make any day a holiday." ~Winery notes
Shelf Location — 122b
Size: 750mL (wine)
Alcohol by vol: 12%
Closure: Screw Cap
Store Item ID: #543
Location at store: 122b
Item Description
"Sweet, red wine with a saucy, sweet, tart, spicy taste. Just heat, then wait for the pungent and tantalizing aroma that will make any day a holiday." ~Winery notes
About Brotherhood Winery
In 1810, a French Huguenot emigre named Jean Jaques purchased land in New York's bucolic Hudson Valley and began planting grapes. By 1837, Mr. Jaques needed more land, so he purchased a plot in the quiet village of Washingtonville, NY, and planted another vineyard. By 1839, his first underground cellars were dug and Mr. Jaques fermented his first wine vintage. Those cellars, the oldest and largest in America, are still in use today at Brotherhood Winery. This is the oldest winery in the United States.

The Jaques family made wine at the Washingtonville facility for almost 60 years, selling much of it to Jesse and Edward Emerson, two New York City wine merchants. The Emersons, Finger Lakes vinters themselves, understood the high quality of Mr. Jaques' wine and used it to improve a blend of wine from an organization called The Brotherhood of New Life - an experiment in utopian communal living in the Hudson Valley. When the Emerson family took control of the Washingtonville winery, they renamed it Brotherhood, a name that it still proudly bears today.

The Emerson family operated Brotherhood until Prohibition. In 1921, Louis Farrell purchased the winery and its large stock of sacramental wine. He sold wine for religious ceremonies throughout Prohibition, which was finally repealed in 1933. It has been noted that the clergy population in the area grew substantially during this period.

Louis and his wife were the first to grasp the value of Brotherhood's location, as the nearest winery to New York City. They began conducting tours of the winery, highlighting the now-enlarged underground cellars, the history of the facility and its picturesque site. In fact, the Farrell family initiated the very concept of wine tourism, hosting parties and events at the winery that drew hundreds of thousands of fans annually, and introduced the Brotherhood brand to generations of American drinkers.
Brotherhood Winery
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Exactly what I've been looking for!
"I had been looking for a spiced wine that stood warming. This is now my go-to staple for an evening night cap during the wintery months. A mug warmed in the microwave is just perfect. The spice blend is just right, and the heat is just what is needed to feel warm and cozy after a day out in the cold"
Posted byMichelle on Dec 2, 2022Verified Purchase
private review
Posted bycustomer on Mar 1, 2022Verified Purchase
private review
Posted bycustomer on Jan 21, 2022Verified Purchase
Will Be a Holiday Staple! 2nd Year Now
"I think next year if the price is still reasonable, I will be buying a bottle as a Christmas gift for each co-worker! The holiday spiced wine was very festive and a great addition to the holiday celebration. Definitely recommend heating it.Update- I did buy a case and had fun passing out the bottles. Love it warmed up!!"
Posted byAnne on Jan 21, 2019Verified Purchase
Excellent heated up!
"My parents used to get this wine and let us have some over the December holidays. Loved it then...love it still! Brings back lots of good memories. I was thrilled when I found it online as we can't find a place that carries it here. Will order again before I run out completely."
Posted byTamara on Mar 16, 2018Verified Purchase
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