Canei Peach 1.5L
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This is a white wine imageCanei Peach 1.5L

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Size: 1.5L (bottle)
Closure: Cork

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CaneiHand it over to an Italian to make an exciting wine like Canei. In 1975 Italian wine maker Francesco Paschina stepped down from the traditional winemaking process. Francesco wanted to do something different, turn traditional wine into a groundbreaking new product. With Luigi Bosca, wine magician Francesco worked out his idea in Canelli in Piemonte, Italy. An area where many muscat grapes are grown, for instance for the Asti Spumante. There arose the idea of creating an accessible wine that would be so fresh and bubbly, that people from all over the world would love. He took the muscat grape as a base and added natural aroma's and a light bubble. The result: a Frizzante wine with a low alcohol percentage, a subtle bubble and a delicate sweet taste. Canei was born.


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