Casa Santos Lima Confidencial Reserva 2014
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This is a red wine imageCasa Santos Lima Confidencial Reserva 2014

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Wine Enthusiast 92 Editor's Choice
One of the top wines from this producer, this blend of at least 10 grape varieties comes from its estate. The wood aging has added sophistication to this already concentrated wine. With black fruits to the fore and firm tannins, it will age well. - Roger Voss, Wine Enthusiast European Editor, Reviews wines from Portugal and France
This is a red wine
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Size: 750mL (wine)
Closure: Cork

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Wine Enthusiast 92 Editor's Choice
One of the top wines from this producer, this blend of at least 10 grape varieties comes from its estate. The wood aging has added sophistication to this already concentrated wine. With black fruits to the fore and firm tannins, it will age well. - Roger Voss, Wine Enthusiast European Editor, Reviews wines from Portugal and France

Casa Santos Lima

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Casa Santos LimaCasa Santos Lima is a family owned company dedicated to the production, bottling and selling of Portuguese wines. The company is present directly or indirectly in the regions of Lisboa, Algarve and Alentejo, Vinho Verde and Douro. This way and from around 400 hectares of vineyards, it produces wines known for their excellent quality/price ratio and exports around 90% of its total production to close to 50 countries in all 5 continents. Casa Santos Lima is also the largest producer of "Vinho Regional Lisboa" and "DOC Alenquer" and in the past years has been one of the most awarded Portuguese wineries in major national and international wine competitions.

Casa Santos Lima was created to ensure the continuous development of Santos Lima's wine producing activity first established several generations ago. This activity was first started by Joaquim Santos Lima, who, by the turn of 19th century, was already a great producer and exporter of Portuguese wines. Maria João Santos Lima and José Luís Santos Lima Oliveira da Silva, granddaughter and great grandson of the founder, relaunched Casa Santos Lima in 1990, replanting most of the vines, improving agricultural techniques and modernizing all its productive structure.

Within its activity of producing and bottling quality wines, the company soon developed a Multi-Brand Strategy, focusing on products with an excellent price – quality ratio.

Since 1996, Casa Santos Lima, started bottling its own brands – Quinta da Espiga, Quinta das Setencostas, Palha–Canas and some varietal wines – which immediately achieved great success both in national and international markets. Nowadays, around 90% of its production is exported to almost 50 countries in the 5 continents. This great export vocation relies mainly in the excellent price – quality ratio which is part of the company corporate vision and attitude. This has been consistently confirmed by numerous awards granted and frequent press references by the specialized press with several "Best Buy".

In recent years, the company has developed an expansion plan to other regions such as the Douro, Vinhos Verdes, Alentejo and the Algarve with acquisitions of new properties and societies or partnerships with local producers. Casa Santos Lima now has an even wider, richer and diversified wine portfolio ready to meet the market's demand.
Most of Casa Santos Lima's vineyards are located in Alenquer, 45km north of Lisbon, in a region where wine production is centuries old and typical rural landscapes appears with enormous beauty. The vineyards are planted in gentle slopes with altitudes between 100 and 220 meters benefiting from an excellent sun exposition and a climate slightly tempered by the nearby Atlantic Ocean, 25 km away from the property. This is one of the richest wine regions due to the diversity of grape varieties, type of soils and climate.

The fresh summer nights and gentle winters are a key factor for the production of quality grapes. The maritime influence contributes for the production of wines with a nice acidity, a very typical characteristic from this region. The soils are mainly clay and limestone, from the Superior Jurassic period and show numerous examples of maritime fossils, as well as vestiges of dinosaurs (Apatosaurus alenquerensis).

Also in this region, another wine producing company, the "Sociedade Agrícola Quinta do Conde S.A" ( is under the company's management.


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Reviews (56)


Very good value for the price.


private review


great wine for the price look forward to purchasing again.


Wonderful bargain

"This reminded me of a really good Zinfandel. Very good fruit. For the price this is the best bargain I have found in several years. That's why I bought a case. The Wine Enthusiast reviewer nailed it."


Wow great red wine

"Worth at least 20-$30. Fantastic surprise."


Table red

"Good wine, complex flavor, good color"


Soooooo Smoooooth

"Excellent wine for the price. I plan on buying a case or more of this for everyday use. This wine has been very favorablely received by anyone who we have shared it with so far."


Very nice wine and low cost!


Excellent Value

"Tried the 2013 last night and found it to be one of the best values I have seen in years. Very smooth with plenty of flavor. I plan on buying more soon."


Great, smooth


Exceptional taste for the money


Unbelievable for the price


private review


private review


A wonderful blended red


private review

Ana Mari

very good wine for a low price


Everything you could want in a great value wine

"Every time I open a bottle of this and pour it for family or friends with no introduction, they first tell me how much they love it, then are flabbergasted when I tell them how much it cost. The 2010 was a few levels better (richer, more complex and longer finish), but the 2012 is pretty delicious too."


Awesome value and great taste!


nice wine

"For the price, this wine has a lovely flavor. Smooth and pleasant to drink. would recommend."


Excellent wine at a great price

"At this price, you can't beat this as an great everyday wine that goes well with steaks."


Great value

"Will buy again"


Great wine, great price

"One of the nicest everyday wines I've tasted. Popular even with experienced wine drinkers."


Lovely wine.

"Great wine with BBQ steaks."


Fantastic Value

"Deserves it's high rating."


Fabulous value.


Nice and smooth


private review


Great value!!!!!


Wine is great, corks are horrible

"It's not that the corks are dry ... they're in the bottle like cement. Several were impossible to pull out without breaking and one was so bad, it broke my angel wing cork screw. Had to buy a new one, and even that one has difficulty extracting the cork without it cracking in two vertically."


"A great wine at a great price, compliments a fine meal."


Excellent value


Great buy!


Rich and flavorful

"I have long enjoyed the blended red of Portugal. Bob A"


Very drinkable

"... with a light, slightly fruity finish. Perfect for a light Summer meal."


private review


Hey Mikey I like it!

"Very tasty for the price although I have come across 2 corked bottles.."


great wine


Great wine for its price


A Steal

"Excellent wine at double the the price"

David Harley

Great entry level red. Go for it.

"Quite nice, especially for the money. My go to everyday red."


Compared to 2012

"This is a very fine wine. I would rate it at 89 or 90. Totally enjoy it. Just wish it was as smooth as the 2012 that had a 92 rating."


private review


delicious dry red...a value


Solid Italian value

"Nice flavor, aroma & mouthfeel. Consistent over 5 days (glass/night)."


Nice for the price......

"Nice everyday wine with an subtle finish"


Hard to beat at the price!

"We had forgotten what a pleasant dinner wine this is and were delighted to find it again at such a really good price."

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