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Chateau Maris 'Le Carignan' Carignan 2017
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Chateau Maris 'Le Carignan' Carignan 2017

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Winery Notes
Bright ripe red cherry and pomegranate notes. It’s made to be a Bistro by the glass pour.
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Size: 750mL (wine)
Closure: Screw Cap

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Item Description

Winery Notes
Bright ripe red cherry and pomegranate notes. It’s made to be a Bistro by the glass pour.

Chateau Maris

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Robert Eden, a biodynamic winemaker, has built the world's first hemp cellar with Château Maris.

When the vineyard was purchased in Languedoc, the initial yields were lower than expected. The soil was dead, due to the previous farmer's overuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, so we looked at ways of rejuvenating it, using compost. Biodynamic preparations were added to one organic compost pile and another was left alone. After a while the biodynamic pile container far more living organisms so the decision was then made.

It was a business decision since the vines are now healthier and grow longer – and the quality of grapes is better. The entire estate is certified by both Demeter and Biodyvin. The fertilizer is compost made from local cow and sheep manure plus some horse manure. Yields are 32 Hl/Ha on average and the entire estate is hand harvested. Chateau Maris is now a 79 acres Biodynamic and Organic Estate (certified by Demeter since 2008, Biodyvins since 2004, Ecocert since 2002 and NOP) divided into a multitude of small vineyards on the hillside above the village of La Livinière, the first Cru Classe of the Minervois, in the Languedoc region.

When you purchase any Château Maris wine, you are really getting great tasting wines that are produced and brought to you with minimal environmental impact, at the best price possible in the most ethical way possible. Better for the Earth, Better for the Wine, Better for You.


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