ChocoVine 'Dutch Chocolate' & Red Wine
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This is a red wine imageChocoVine 'Dutch Chocolate' & Red Wine

"ChocoVine is a fine French Cabernet subtly combined with a rich dark chocolate from Holland, paired together to create a decadent, silky smooth drink. Great served on the rocks or as the main ingredient to an array of sinful cocktails." ~ Winery notes
This is a red wine
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Shelf at store:35a
Size: 750mL (wine)
Closure: Screw Cap

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"ChocoVine is a fine French Cabernet subtly combined with a rich dark chocolate from Holland, paired together to create a decadent, silky smooth drink. Great served on the rocks or as the main ingredient to an array of sinful cocktails." ~ Winery notes

Europa ChocoVine

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Europa ChocoVineOur wines must be the best they can be, reflecting our passionate emphasis on quality inspired by Old World winemaking values and approaches. We strive for classic wines with elegance, balance, distinctive bouquets and flavors that make them memorable. I believe we are achieving these goals since our guests keep coming back for more.

Winemaking is an art at Europa Village, and we approach our art with all the talent, expertise and meticulous attention to detail that fine artists apply to the creation of their masterpieces. Our wines are our masterpieces. The result is wines that are truly beautiful, from their initial aromas and clear, rich colors to their first luscious tastes on the palate and their lovely smooth finishes.

As winemaker at Europa Village, my goal is to create wines that take advantage of the wonderful growing conditions in Temecula Valley combined with time-honored, wine-making techniques that produce outstanding wines.

The grapes we nurtured in the past delight your taste buds today. The grapes we are nurturing now are our legacy for the future. We invite you to stop by our tasting room and savor the delectable results of all our efforts.

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This actually reminds me of chocolate milk.
Peter, Unfortunately I am unfamiliar with other stores inventories.Thank you

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"For the past 8 yrs or so, I have been using a little chocovine in my morning coffee very tasty and just the right amount of chocolate"


"This was a gift to my son in another state. After delivery, he sent me a photo of two smiling faces holding the bottles. I will guess that they loved it."


"A great wine after the evening meal."


ChocoVine 'Dutch Chocolate' & Red Wine

"Can't live without this wine during cold weather. It really is delicious and warms me up."


chocolate ambrosia

"I donated some to a charity. The winner loved it and wanted more. The local wine shop did not carry it anymore so I had to go on-line to find it. Happily you guys exist. He has his wine, I got some for myself. We are both delighted. Put it on your ice cream. You'll thank me later."



"My friend she loves it. Would order more for her. Good price. Be good for for those that like sweet wine."


ChocoVine rivals Bailey's for adding to coffeed.

"I gave away more than half of the case I bought and absolutely everyone loved it!!"


Doesn't get much better

"Serve in chocolate cups for great dessert..."



"Visiting a family member recently where we were introduced to this wine to taste. Absolutely delicious. The best chocolate red wine either of us have tasted."


The best chocolate wine on the market.


It’s yummy especially very cold

"I have actually reordered twice and shared with several friends"


Great taste

"Best chocolate"


private review


Dutch Chocolate the best

"This is the best chocolate red wine available. Have tried others but always come back to "ChocoVine" for my chocolate martini fix, haha!! Mix 1:1 with vanilla vodka, and voila!!"


Christmas gift for mom

"Mom loves ChocoVine but cannot buy it in SC. EmpireWine did a great job shipping it to her...really fast service. Thank you. Donna"


Light, no heavy alcohol taste. Love it.

"I tried the ChocoVine Dutch Chocolate and Red Wine approximately four years ago and not being a drinker of spirits, was surprised that It suited my palate. Then, after one year, it became harder and harder to find. On going on search, it showed it was available on Amazon, but it was not the ChocoVine Dutch Chocolate, so I kept searching. I was thrilled to find it at Empire Wine and I ordered a case. I will be ordering again and I have also shared with other family and friends. Thank you."


private review




Enjoyable after dinner drink!


Love it!!!

"This wine taste amazing!!! I can't find it in any stores in Louisiana. This is why I had to order it online. Very disappointing that we can buy it local anymore."



"I have had this wine before but could never find it. So glad you guys carried this wine. Thank you!!!???"


Love it....

"Been in love with ChocoVine Dutch Chocolate Wine for years, moved and could not find it in the state I moved to. Glad I finally found it online. Thanks"



"Keep it cold for a shot just before bedtime!"


addictive smooth



Smooth and delicious


Very tasty!



"ChocoVine is a delicious mix of dessert and wine all in one glass."


private review


The Best !!


chocolate and wine, yumyum





It's Just Wrong

"This isn't wine, It's a decadent treat before bed!"


private review


Delish!! :)



The absolute best tasting before bedtime drink that is made.

"Probably order more after the holidays. What I bought is for holiday gifts for all my friends"

M H Sam

Nectar of the gods - simply divine!



"I have send coupons in with my shipping statement. Looking forward to that refund. ;-))"


Fantastic on ice after dinner

"Try it you will love it"


Chocolate To The Max!

"If you love chocolate, you're gonna love this! I hate wine but this stuff is to die for! Perhaps, if you're wine connoisseur, it might not agree with your educated pallet. I CRAVE this, over ice, mixed with caramel vodka. YUM!!! :D"


fabulously wonderful !

"I shared a bottle with a friend & now she will order more also!"



"This is great poured over a rich, vanilla bean ice cream for a simple, elegant dessert!"


ChocoVine is Fine

"Purchased for the first Choco Vine while on vacation along the Oregon Coast what a fabulous wine I would recommend it to even a none wine lover it is great."

James D

We like the wine.

"It's a great experience in wine tasting. However, for me a little bit goes a long way. It is good for occasions like Christmas."


Decent but not great

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