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Eguren Ugarte Cosecha 2016
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Eguren Ugarte Cosecha 2016

James Suckling 93
Ripe, brambly and juicy with very fresh, ripe berries. Composed palate with a tight core of fine, muscular tannins carrying plenty of flavor. Great composure.
by James Suckling, JS, 2018.

Winery Technical Data
Blend: 20% Garnacha, 80% Tempranillo.
Vineyards (names): Sotovin. Year of planting: 1985.
Kilograms/hectare: 6,500.
Total acidity: 5.1.
Free Sulfurous acid: 29.
UV index: 51.
Volatile acidity: 0.40.
Residual sugar: 1.2.
Color intensity: 7.
Malic acid: 0.01.
Grado: 13.

Tasting notes
Visual aspect: Cherry red.
Nose: Fruity aromas enveloped by noble woods, with hints of vanilla and ... read more
Item ID: #33285
Shelf at store12d
Size: 750mL (wine)

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