Fantinel 'Ribolla Gialla' Sant'Helena 2009
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This is a white wine imageFantinel 'Ribolla Gialla' Sant'Helena 2009

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"The Ribolla Gialla SantHelena is pale straw-yellow in color with an elegant fruity bouquet. On the palate lean, fresh and vinous" ~ Winery notes
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Size: 750mL (wine)
Closure: Cork

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"The Ribolla Gialla SantHelena is pale straw-yellow in color with an elegant fruity bouquet. On the palate lean, fresh and vinous" ~ Winery notes

Fantinel Winery

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Fantinel WineryOnce upon a time there was a man with a radiant smile who venerated good food so much that it became his reason for living. And in such a joyful parade of pleasure, wine sat on the royal throne. As a restaurateur and hotelier in northern Friuli, Paron Mario soon realized that his mission was to give people emotions with his special love for wine and that, to do it fully, he had to produce wine with his own hands. 1969 was the year when he acquired the first vineyards in the Collio area, the year when the great adventure started. This engaging adventure soon featured his sons Luciano, Gianfranco and Loris as the protagonists.
The three turned their father's teachings into virtues, learning to touch and feel the soil, follow the time and the flow of the seasons, taste the grapes getting a glimpse of the secret of their little-big miracle. In the following years the family's land ownership increased and many dreams came true. That small agricultural company today, with the third generation represented by Marco, Stefano and Mariaelena, has become an internationally prestigious winery, ambassador of Friulian winemaking art in the world. But the origins have not been forgotten and, what's more, the flame of passion is increasingly vivid.
Once upon a time a man, the first hero and author of a fable, wrote the first page signing it with an indelible imprint. Let's savour this book entitled "Fantinel" ecstatically.

Wine is an ancient feeling, a work of art making the world better. It is a mosaic of emotions, a masterpiece made up of precious stones wisely laid down, one next to the other, with genius, creativity and inventiveness. But a good creator knows that every artistic form is always born from the respectful celebration of the original Creation.
Honouring the land is the first vocation of Fantinel. A vocation having its pulsating heart in Tauriano, near the ancient village of Spilimbergo, town of culture famous all around the world for its prestigious Mosaic School. Here stands an elegant winery, dealing with the management of over 300 hectares of vineyards divided into the renowned Grave, Prosecco and Collio DOC zones.
Unique terroirs, privileged areas with microclimates ideal for the best maturation of the fruits and the highest expression of each vine variety, especially the valuable indigenous grapes. From these authentic treasure chests containing rare gifts Fantinel's peculiar concept is coined: a viti-culture meaning a real culture of grape-growing. Because only a vine that grows according to natural rhythms, on the basis of the respect of the plant vegetative cycle and balance, can give birth to rich fruits and, naturally, to majestic wines: harmonious pictures radiating sun light, giving off the unlimited colours of the land.

For over four decades, passion has been the driving force of Fantinel, a group of technicians and professionals who work every day with diligence and enthusiasm to create a range of wines able to offer strong emotions that are imprinted in the memory.

A close bond with the origins, roots sunk into the ground from which the sap is taken to grow with energy. In Fantinel philosophy everything begins from that, from the ancestral wisdom of the Friulian man who dedicates himself to work his land and takes care with particular affection of the rare native grapes of the region, following the times set by nature. As an expert vine grower, he chooses the best bunches with the utmost attention; as a precise winemaker he takes care of the vinification of each product.

The Friulian man is also one who tenaciously aims at continuous improvement, who can enhance his expertise and broaden his horizons. The Fantinel concept of wine-making also includes the investments in cutting-edge technological solutions able to bolster every single step of the production process with an environmentally sustainable approach. From the revolutionary fertilisation-irrigation system to the clonal selections in laboratory, from the advanced system of thermoregulation of steel tanks to the immense propriety of precious wood barrels.


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