Fratelli Saraceni 'Blumond' 'Diamante Blu' Prosecco
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This is a bubbly wine imageFratelli Saraceni 'Blumond' 'Diamante Blu' Prosecco

" A Unique Product... for Your Luxury Moments. An unmistakable taste and a gentle perlage...for a unique experience. Proud to present Blumond, the Italian Blue Sparkling wine made from Prosecco grapes with an added flavor of fresh and sweet peach. Is a velvety and seductive sparkling wine deliciously fruity, presented in an exclusive and well recognizable bottle." ~ Winery notes
This is a bubbly wine
Item ID: #15004
Size: 750mL (bubbly)
Closure: Screw Cap

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Item Description

" A Unique Product... for Your Luxury Moments. An unmistakable taste and a gentle perlage...for a unique experience. Proud to present Blumond, the Italian Blue Sparkling wine made from Prosecco grapes with an added flavor of fresh and sweet peach. Is a velvety and seductive sparkling wine deliciously fruity, presented in an exclusive and well recognizable bottle." ~ Winery notes

Fratelli Saraceni Winery

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Fratelli Saraceni WineryTwo generations, a family and an extraordinary ambition have transformed a small wine cellar in Tuscany into a leading brand on the Italian and global wine scene. Collections of superior quality composed of unconventional and unique wines offer the perfect compromise between the Italian historical tradition and the desire for innovation.

The first releases from Fratelli Saraceni are a collection of Tuscan wines that best represent the typical characteristics of the grapes and the terroir of their region. Lorenzo and Matteo were affectionately inspired to name the collection after their father, Libero. The Libero Collection is composed of quality wines with fresh and fruity tones that are each identified by their unique and individual details.

Fratelli Saraceni later launched the Bollicine Collection composed of Prosecco and Perlè and the unconventional Italian Sparklers Collection composed of Blumond and Splendia. These new unique and innovative collections quickly became an international success. Seductive and naturally light in alcohol, they are very recognizable in taste and in product concept.

Each Fratelli Saraceni's wine is adorned and identified with an elegant and impressive packaging, accomplished through the collaboration with designer Simonetta Doni, the founder of the prestigious "Studio Doni & Associati".

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Reviews (272)


Taste of Italy

"I first had this in Italy, was surprised to see it here! Love Blumond"




Reminds me of Florence

"I first had this wine during a dinner at a vineyard in Italy. As our bus arrived, we were welcomed with chilled glasses of this delicious cocktail. While it's marketed as a wine, it's more of a mixed drink as it has procesco, blue curacao, and peach flavors. It may be uncouth, but I like it over ice for a refreshing summer sip. . . I have not found anything quite like it before or since so I was specifically looking for this particular brand.You must like sweet wine to like this. I do. I also love a Muscato D'Asti. If you like it dry, don't get this. If you like sweet dessert drinks you will LOVE this."


private review



"Love Empire wines and love Blumond."


"I had this wine at the actual winery in Italy during a dinner tour with our tour group. Very sweet but also very refreshing."


Sweet treat

"Great for summer, especially for the 4th of July with it's bright blue color."


Love it!

"Blumond is a wonderfully flavored bubbly & it’s blue color is pretty & enticing! Definitely a crowd pleaser at any gathering."


Absolutely delicious!


One of my favorites!

"I had it the first time on a trip to Italy earlier this year. Fell in love with it and the country!"


Unique Prosecco

"Excellent Prosecco"


Most Delicious!

"I ordered 4 bottles and unbeknownst to me, my son had tactically acquired one of the precious blue elixir of fun. When I realized that a bottle was missing I casually asked him if he’d gotten hold of my stash and to which he replied “No, but it was sure the best tasting wine I’ve enjoyed in a long time!” He and I both laughed. After tasting it myself, I absolutely have to agree that it was all I expected it to be. This was definitely worth the treat!"



"blue wine in a glass half full add some slices of hard peaches and fill other half with Pepsi regular let chill 10 min great tast"


private review


Perfect for our baby shower brunch!

"We first tried this in Italy and knew it was perfect to celebrate our grandson. Everyone was curious where we got it and truly enjoyed it!"


It was delicious


Blumond t

"This is an excellent desert wine."


Fun to drink nice taste


Awesome great taste


Just As I Remember At Winery In Italy

"Fell in love with this Prosecco during a recent tour in Florence when it was served as a welcome drink at Machiavelli's Villa. Friend had it shipped from Italy, but I was fortunate to find it at Empire Wine. Same price as in Florence but shipping was much less and faster. Thanks Empire Wine. Will reorder again soon."


Great Wine with Dinner

"We fell in love with this wine while visiting the Vineyard that makes it in Italy and are glad that we can get it in the States. Please keep this on stock!"


private review


Blumond Bubbly

"When I first saw Blumond pop up on my timeline, I knew I had to have it. So, I searched high and low to find it in the USA; and I did, at Empire and I ordered two bottles. OMG, It tastes so good!! I will be ordering again real soon."


Terrific and beautiful

"It is delicious! Not my first time tasting it and won’t be the last."


Fratelli Saraceni Blumond

"We were first introduced to Blumond during a trip to Italy and had been importing it directly from the winery, we were so pleased when Empire Wines started carrying the Fratelli wines. They a staple in our household and a delight to friends and family when gifted with a bottle (or two or ...)and we recommend the additional Fratelli selections as well"



"An exhilarating wine that's perfect for any occasion, especially those summertime get-togethers. Nice fruity notes and I love the effervescence!"


Wonderful!! Fabulous!! Will reorder soon


Absolutely delicious

"Just the thing to make any occasion special . Nobody expects this"


Saraceni Blumond Prosecco

"Absolutely love it!"


Will definately order more!!!!


Fruity and delicious

"Light, fruity, and delicious!"


Wonderful blue sparkling wine

"We had this wine in 2012 at the vineyard near Florence while on a tour of Italy and have been looking for it ever since. We love the refreshing flavor, the bubbles, and the blue color. We highly recommend this wine. Great dessert wine."


Best memory from Italy


Light Fresh...and Fun!

"A novel treat for a special occasion. Very light not to sweet and the perfect amount of sparkle. Something a little different to celebrate with."


Absolutely loved it!


Smooth and lightly sweet-color catches eye


I'm not a wine drinker, but I love blumond!



"Light and tasty bubbly wine and looks gorgeous"


Excellent product



"Big hit with all my friends."


Color is not consistant, but the taste is the same.

"The blue is not consistent. I have one bottle that came direct from Italy that I compare as my standard. I have purchased a number of cases, and always compare the color to my "standard" usually they are bit lighter. This last purchase was up to par. Taste is always the same. The deep blue is part of the "charm" of this wine. The price from Empire is much better than from Saraceni."



"One of our favorites. We had it in Italy and fell in love with it."



"The wine is light and tasty, with a little sparkle/fizz I love it!"


From the heart of Italy

"This was an amazing prosecco from Saraceni. First tried from the vineyard itself, and now arrived at home in the US. Absolutely wonderful!"


Love it


Excellent. Pretty sure this is the same we had at the Machiavelli estate in Italy.


private review


Love, Love, Love Blumond!

"We first had this in Italy and fell in love with it. Who knew blue wine would taste so good? We've shared it with friends and they love it too. I'm so happy to be able to get it in the US! We will definitely reorder."


Different ina good way

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