Harlaftis Nemea Agiorgitiko 2015
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This is a red wine imageHarlaftis Nemea Agiorgitiko 2015

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Size: 750mL (wine)
Closure: Cork

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HarlaftisFrom the initial vision of its founder to the present-day plans of his successors, the philosophy underlying the Harlaftis winery has remained the same: one big family that loves good wine. From the soil, the vine and the water to the ripening, the aging and the bottling, each label continues to be a strictly... family affair.

Faithful to tradition but also having fully embraced the latest developments in the science of oenology, the Harlaftis winery continues its journey in time as if it were still that one-man business, created by its founder about 80 years ago. The persistence, patience and expertise that characterize the people working there are attested by each bottle coming from the family vineyards.


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Good Table Wine for Unique Grape

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