Loma Larga del Valle 'Quinteto' Red Blend 2015

Each : $12.95
Case: $155.40 
Loma Larga del Valle 'Quinteto' Red Blend 2015

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D: 95
Item Number: 28520
Decanter 95
In this unique blend of five red varieties of cool climate, the outstanding Cabernet Franc, our emblematic variety, combines hits fruit and mineral intensity with the delicate red fruit of Pinot Noir, the floral aromas of Malbec, the tannic and spicy intensity of the Syrah and the silkiness of the Merlot.

Customer Reviews

5/5 stars
Delicious and an incredible price! - We loved this and have now come back to buy a case!
Posted by  on 4/6/19  [Verified]
5/5 stars
Really impressive - I thought this wine was revelatory. I agree that it is unusual, for example the gorgeous flowery scent of citrus orchard (maybe grapefruit flowers) on the nose is not typical for a red. But the flavors are so well integrated, smooth, luscious, that novelty works. I am also ordering a lot more. For $13? Wow.
Posted by  on 11/13/18  [Verified]
5/5 stars
Beautiful red blend! Smooth and enjoyable - Ordered a case of this after a tasting. Was thrilled to serve it at several dinners. All guests loved it.
Posted by  on 8/13/18  [Verified]
5/5 stars
Light yet full of flavor - The best wine I've ever had at this price..a great value
Posted by  on 7/6/18  [Verified]
5/5 stars
Great Wine for the Money - Nice balance, structure and fruit for the money. Very pleasant.
Posted by  on 6/23/18
5/5 stars
Excellent and great value
Posted by  on 5/17/18  [Verified]
4/5 stars
Good taste for $13.
Posted by  on 5/23/19  [Verified]
4/5 stars
Posted by Anonymous on 10/25/18  [Verified]
4/5 stars
Posted by Anonymous on 7/9/18  [Verified]
3/5 stars
Meh - Drinkable, pleasant, semi-fruity. But I don't get these overwhelming 5-star reviews? Good basic wine. Nothing more.
Posted by  on 8/22/18  [Verified]
1/5 stars
Had to pour it out, the smell was so terrible! - This wine tasted normal I guess, but the _odor_, omg, it was so horrible that we couldn't get past it and had to pour it out (smell is a large part of taste right??). My husband thought it smelled like tar, where I think it smelled sour; not like vinegar sour, but like old gym clothes sour... I wonder if we got a bad bottle? We've consumed a lot of wine in our lives and never smelled anything like this! Unfortunately we bought two bottles, so we'll see how the second one compares.
Posted by  on 7/23/18  [Verified]

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Information about Loma Larga del Valle 'Quinteto' Red Blend 2015

Bottles per case: 12

Type: Red Blends

Winery: Lomas Del Valle

Region: Chile >  Valle de Casablanca

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