Lustau 'East India' Solera Reserva Sherry NV

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Lustau 'East India' Solera Reserva Sherry NV

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"The dark amber-hued non-vintage East India Solera is essentially an old Oloroso blended with an old Pedro Ximenez, which gives it a sweet character. It offers more mature notes of maple syrup, brown sugar, spice box, raisin and chocolate beer nuts, and its terrific balancing acidity cuts through the sweetness. This delicious effort is best drunk after the meal.

Lustau made its reputation in the foreign markets with its extraordinary single cask Almacenistas which had been accumulated by the family over many years as their soleras are among the oldest in Sherry. The family also owns over 500 acres of vineyards. These are all remarkable efforts for their stunning value. While they are still under-the-radar for most American wine lovers, I encourage readers to give them a try as they are great introductory reference points for how profound sherry can be. I first wrote about the extraordinary sherries of Emilio Lustau many years ago, in the early days of The Wine Advocate. The portfolio of under $25 a bottle selections represents remarkable value for their complex, well-made personalities. Lustau includes a bottling date code as purchasers would want to buy Finos and Manzanillas as young as possible. It is difficult to describe the glories of sherry, but I’ll try. These Solera Reservas are all great reference points at a low price point from Lustau. None of the Almacenista soleras, which are single cask and very limited bottlings, are reviewed since they are priced over $25 a bottle, but they can be as profound as any alcoholic beverage in the world." ~ RP

" Perhaps the best value dessert wine in the Lustau portfolio. This extraordinary Cream Sherry seeks to replicate the ancient style of Cream Sherry that was discovered quite by accident. Trading ships sailing to the Indies in the 16th century frequently carried butts (barrels) of sweet sherry lashed to their decks or in their holds as ballast. After travelling through the tropics, it was discovered that the heat and humidity had matured the wine and given it a wonderful smooth texture. Lustau has recreated this process by heating and controlling the amount of air allowed in the warehouse where the East India Solera is matured. The result is an exceptional dessert wine with a smooth, sweet taste reminiscent of figs, coffee, caramel and nuts and just enough acidity to give it balance. This mouth-wateringly delicious wine can be served on its own, as a digestif, or with desserts such as puddings, tarts, cakes or chocolate-covered nuts. ~ Winery notes

Customer Reviews

5/5 stars
Well balanced - Well balanced with hints of citrus and berries very satisfying finish pairs well with a good cigar after dinner
Posted by  on 7/12/17  [Verified]
5/5 stars
Highly Recommended Sherry - Delicious with some complexity. A lovely wine to accompany a dessert or alone as an after dinner quaff.
Posted by  on 10/20/16  [Verified]
5/5 stars
Perfection - Smooth, nutty and raisony, more rich than sweet. Perfect end of evening cordial.
Posted by  on 5/2/16  [Verified]
5/5 stars
Pure Gold from Spain - This offering was my first foray into oloroso sherry. Very elegant. Good body. The maple syrup, raisin and spice flavors are well balanced. The hint of Pedro Ximenez adds a subtle and satisfying richness.
Posted by  on 12/16/15  [Verified]
5/5 stars
rich, delicious sherry - rich with just the right amount of sweetness; delightful digestif
Posted by  on 9/16/15  [Verified]
5/5 stars
Posted by Anonymous on 3/15/15  [Verified]

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Information about Lustau 'East India' Solera Reserva Sherry NV

Bottles per case: 12

Type: Port, Madeira & Sherry

Winery: Lustau

Region: Spain >  Jerez

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