Type: Sake / Plum Winery: Tozai
Region: All > Japan > Kyoto

Tozai 'Living Jewel' Junmai 720ml

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Case: $155.88 
Tozai 'Living Jewel' Junmai 720ml

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Item Number: 7466
Beverage Tasting Institute 91
"Clear. Lightly yeasty aromas of dough, Asian pear, creamy nougat with a silky, fruity-yet-dry medium body and a refreshing melon, kiwi coconut cream, and dusty potato accented finish. A vibrant Junmai sake that will excel with spicy Asian dishes and appeal to wine drinkers."

"The aromas are quite complex, showing white grape, anise, and a hint of sweet rice. These same flavors come rushing through the medium-bodied palate, which has a slightly creamy texture followed by a hint of white pepper and fresh herbal notes. The long, clean finish makes this both a great sipping sake as well as a companion to a wide range of foods, from fish and shellfish, to pork and light meats. The image on the label is a "koi," or Japanese carp. Ornamental domesticated carp have been bred for their bright colors for centuries in Japan. The combination of their vibrant colors, patterns, and shimmering scales has earned them the moniker "living jewels" among koi collectors and enthusiasts. ~Winery notes

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Bottles per case: 12

Type: Sake / Plum

Winery: Tozai

Region: Japan >  Kyoto

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