Ty Ku 'White' 720ml Premium Junmai Sake

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Ty Ku 'White' 720ml Premium Junmai Sake

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" Fresh & slightly sweet with subtle pear notes, leaving softness on the palate. Enjoy chilled like a fine white wine or in a delicious cocktail. Refrigerate after opening and for best taste, enjoy soon thereafter. Not just for sushi, TY KU Sake Silver pairs well with a wide variety of foods like leafy greens, red meat and even pasta.
TY KU Sake is best served with friends and loved ones. Steeped in the Japanese tradition of respect, always pour sake for others as a sign of friendship and celebration. Kanpai ("Cheers")
A Premium Junmai Sake brewed & imported from Nara, Japan - the birthplace of sake. TY KU Sake Silver is crafted from sake rice that is polished so only 70% of the grain remains, a process which removes impurities and refines taste. Recipient of prestigious awards & accolades including: Platinum Medal (SIP), Gold Medal (N.Y. Wine & Spirits), 90pt Rating (Tasting Panel) and the 5 Star Diamond Award (AAHS). The Junmai classification represents the top 15% of all sake in the world.
Completely Gluten Free and contains no Sulfites or Tannins. Sake has a much lower acidity than wine and is made from only 4 all natural ingredients." ~ Winery notes

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Information about Ty Ku 'White' 720ml Premium Junmai Sake

Bottles per case: 6

Type: Sake / Plum

Winery: TY KU Premium Sake & Spirits

Region: Japan >  Nara

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