Type: Riesling Winery: Von Winnings
Region: All > Germany

Von Winning 'Winnings' Riesling 2017

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Von Winning 'Winnings' Riesling 2017

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"Although this consistently outstanding cuvée, designed exclusively for the US market, was dedicated to legend-in-his-lifetime cellarmaster Hans-Günter Schwarz, who helped blend its inaugural 2014 installment, he professed to never having seen the label nor assessed a finished bottling until he tasted this 2017 along with me. Shrubby scents of boxwood and rosemary mingle with dried apricot and zesty lime, anticipating the pungent initial attack and subsequent grip with which this seizes the palate. Happily, there is a wealth of primary juiciness. Schwarz captured the whole point of “Winnings,” stylistically speaking, when he called attention to “the discreet residual that you detect on the finish, not for the sake of sweetness, but because it prolongs the fruit and lends harmony to the whole flavor profile [speichert den Frucht und gibt diesen ganzen Geschmacksbild eine Harmonie].” Put punningly, for an entry-level bottling, this displays “improbable innervation [unwahrscheinliche Geschmacksnerve].” (In German, taste buds are Geschmacksnerven.) -- David Schildknecht"

Tasting Notes
"“The new vintage is perfect! I asked them for what I thought would be a perfect everyday Riesling, and they created it for me. Not dry, not sweet, highly aromatic, lots of yin-yang, juicy and generous. A ton of heart and friendship went into its making, and even the label was designed by my neighbor across the street, the talented Eric Lewandowski, who knew exactly what I wanted—the sense of absurd good fortune when stars tumble into your outstretched hands—your winnings. That’s how it feels when you take the first sip” Terry Theise"

The Estate
The fact that this estate is crafting some of the very best dry wines in Germany is no fluke, rather a result of nearly obsessive winemaker Stephan Attman’s commitment to both dedicated cultivation of Deidesheim and Forst’s best sites and meticulous work in the cellar. Under the same ownership and winemaking team, the Dr. Deinhard label is designated for fruity styles vinified in stainless steel while the Von Winning label is reserved for the Grosses Gewächs sites vinified dry and in wood. Von Winning maintains some of the oldest parcels in Grosses Gewächs vineyards smattered across Forst, Deidesheim, and Ruppertsberg. Attman’s every decision is informed by great enthusiasm and experiences at estates in the Cote d’Or and abroad. For example, Attman’s newer vines are planted at a very high vine density- 9500 vines per hectare, as opposed to the more typical less than 5000. This creates competition amongst the vines, forcing the roots to grow deep, naturally reducing yields. Attman has adopted the single cane trellising system, prevalent in Burgundy, and Grosses Gewächs wines ferment in 500mL French barrels. Von Winning practices organic and sustainable viticulture.

Attmann describes his winemaking as “not doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.” The estate’s premium wines are treated with a minimalist approach and with the highest respect in the cellar. Gentle clarification, a natural and spontaneous fermentation and the abandonment of fining agents create wines with a distinctive indigenous and very elegant style. Pumping the juice or wine is never necessary in the gravity flow winery, allowing for minimal, and gentle vinification.
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Bottles per case: 12

Type: Riesling

Winery: Von Winnings

Region: Germany >  Pfalz

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