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Woodbridge 'Robert Mondavi' Merlot 1.5L
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"Has velvety smooth layers of black cherry, blackberry and chocolate character, with just a hint of oak." ~ Winery Notes
Shelf Location — 115d

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Size: 1.5L (bottle)
Alcohol by vol: 13.5%
Closure: Cork
Store Item ID: #4409
Location at store: 115d
Item Description
"Has velvety smooth layers of black cherry, blackberry and chocolate character, with just a hint of oak." ~ Winery Notes
About Robert Mondavi Winery
"Walking through To Kalon, admiring its contours and vines, smelling the richness of its soil, I knew this was a very special place. It exuded an indefinable quality I could not describe, a feeling that was almost mystical."

-- Robert Mondavi

Robert Mondavi established his namesake winery in 1966 with a vision to create Napa Valley wines that would stand in the company of the world's finest. He chose To Kalon Vineyard in the heart of the Napa Valley as the home for Robert Mondavi Winery. This first-growth vineyard, located in Oakville, California, is renowned for producing some of the finest Cabernet Sauvignon wines in the world, as well as for its Sauvignon Blanc grapes, from which Mr. Mondavi crafted his signature wine, Fumé Blanc.

Along with To Kalon Vineyard, Robert Mondavi Winery sources grapes from some of Napa Valley's finest vineyards, including Stag's Leap (Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc) and Carneros (Pinot Noir and Chardonnay).

Mr. Mondavi believed that wines should reflect their origins, that they are the product of the soil, the climate, and the careful stewardship of those precious resources. He also believed in combining the newest techniques and technology with time-honored winemaking traditions.

Our winemaking and vineyard teams are proud to carry on our founder's mandate to always strive higher, to pursue Robert Mondavi's goal of excellence with the same passion and innovative spirit, moving forward with programs that break barriers and open new frontiers.

WLeading this initiative is Genevieve Janssens, Director of Winemaking. Genevieve, whose relationship with the winery began in 1978, was selected Winemaker of the Year by Wine Enthusiast in 2010.

We are located at 7801 St. Helena Highway in the town of Oakville at the edge of the To Kalon Vineyard.
Robert Mondavi Winery
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