47 Anno Domini

47 Anno Domini Vineyards Bio Vegan Dry Prosecco 2017
" Excellent alone as an aperitif with assorted appetizers. Suitable for accompanying all fi sh dishes, pasta dishes, and risottos, especially with vegetables; also a good match for white meat. "
Item Number: 29926
Case: $155.40

47 Anno Domini Vineyards Prosecco Frizzante D.O.C.
"Dry and velvety, fresh, vibrant and fruity, full- bodied, harmonic, excellent, acidity and alcohol, excellent long-lasting falvour, to be drank young. The bouquet is pleasant, light, fine and delicate, fruity, with a characteristic bouquet of apple.  Grape variety: 100% Glera. Origin: vineyards
Item Number: 21246
Case: $131.40