American Thread

Since 1982, our core company focus has been to produce quality wines that appeal to a wide range of consumers at an affordable price. Each and every wine the Brower Family produces is handcrafted from vineyard to bottle with one sole ambition, quality first. Their passion for exploring and showcasing the true character of wines produced on the Central Coast is truly recognizable.

The Brower Family created Emerald Bay to promote a sustainable message with their personal commitment to furthering education towards sustainable and environmental winemaking practices. This process is essential in preserving the beauty of our environment and in keeping our bays' pristine and emerald. California's coastal grape growing region presents an ideal climate for Emerald Bay wines. Cool ocean breezes and coastal mountain ranges maintain moderate temperatures throughout the growing season enabling the grapes to stay on the vines longer.

As one of the oldest wineries in Monterey County, surpassing thirty-three years in business, there continues to be something special about family history and the environment it creates. Ch√Ęteau Julien has had the same winemaker (Bill Anderson) since the Estate's inaugural vintage in 1982 allowing each wine to be consistent in both pricing and quality. The pride behind the wines is distinctive as each wine the Brower Family produces has something unique about it, making them different then many mainstream brands. The Brower family operates with one main goal, to produce wines for which customers will keep coming back.

California is very dynamic, as climate, geography, topography and soil types change throughout the state. The extraordinary influence that each of these factors have on the taste profile, favor and aromatics of a wine is what makes each grape growing region unique. American Thread Vineyards is part of our Passport Series as the Brower Family has partnered with long-term growers in specific regions throughout California to produce wines known for their impeccable quality and true varietal character specific to these regions. This educational series combines a modern brand with wines from their most sought-after appellations.

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American Thread Sauvignon Blanc 2015
91  Wine Enthusiast 
Wine Enthusiast 91Fermented in stainless steel, this is a pretty wine, with a darker tint of pinkish-orange color. Tangy peach and lime provide a crisp, clear and light-bodied experience atop persistent acidity and texture.
Item Number: 27007
Case: $179.40