Argina Doo

Known locally as Machkov Podrum, this winery changed its name at the behest of our portfolio director so that it would be easier to pronounce for the American market. Thus was born Agrina. This winery specializes in village wines; that's to say, unpretentious, easy-to-drink, food-friendly wines that are meant to be served fresh and drunk in no small quantity. Their Portugieser is comparable to Cru Beaujolais in style. The grapes are harvested in August before being vinified in stainless steel and bottled for sale in November.

Agrina Portuguiser 2014
" This wine is made from 100% Portuguiser, a variety commonly known as Blauer Portugieser in Germany and Austria, where it is widely-planted. This varietal can produce wines that are lively, with good color, acid, and body. Though the name suggests Portuguese origins, there has been no evidence