Artadi Vineyards

Artadi has a history linked to the memory and the know-how of our ancestors, which is contrary to that of industrial practices, and is based on a passion and respect for the vineyard
1985, Laguardia (Alava). A group of winemakers, village men and women with rooted traditions who focused on the vineyard and its wines, founded Artadi. Shortly after, our obsession for the careful cultivation and the cult of the vineyard allowed us to draw out the personality of our individual wines, a reflection of their origins. In 1996 and 1999, this same conviction guided us to pursue our project in Artazu (Navarra) and Pinoso (Alicante).

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Artadi Vineyards Vinedos el Seque
Deep red and purple in color, this wine has aromas of ripe fruit and Mediterranean forest floor. On the palate the wine is voluminous, smooth and full of mature tannins. Mediterranean in character, with hints of mint and aromatic herbs, the wine has a remarkable freshness and very long finish.