Be. Winery

Be. 'Sultry' Sangria 2011
" This sultry sangria offers up a little sip of paradise, with bright berry and juicy fruit flavors and a refreshing finish. Perfect for setting a sensuous mood. Serve chilled, alone or garnished with fresh berries for a lovely treat. This sultry sangria is comprised of a blend of rose of Zinfandel

Be. 'Flirty' Pink Moscato 2012
" This mischievous Moscato is made to be sipped with a wink and a smile. Rich berry and delicious tropical and floral notes dance on the tongue for a luscious taste and juicy finish-sealed with a kiss of pinkl. Served chilled for an irresistable treat! This tastefully gregarious gem is decked out

Be. 'Bright' Pinot Grigio 2011
"The effortless Pinot Grigio keeps things light, with sun ripened citrus and stone fruit flavors and a crisp, fresh finish with a hint of minerality. an instant taste of optimism, perfect for setting a careful mood at any occasion. Served chilled for a total deliciousness.   Snagging the