With Bellavista everything has been planned and created based on a very clear wine making and grape growing concept.

This vision has been shared by men who have chosen to embrace a philosophy without prejudice but also without seeking compromise. With patience and farsightedness, they have taken hold of their lives and lived them in tune with their work.

They've believed in a dream and fed that dream with their own willpower to produce a Franciacorta with surprising personality and character, and distinctive grace, lightness, energy and speed. As loyal as a handshake yet bold enough to break down the prejudices of the rest of the world. To be able to live in time, as a witness to the uniqueness of Italian style. Through the appropriate repetition of gestures and beliefs, culture can have the privilege, generation after generation, of becoming tradition. Within the international quality sparkling wine sector, we are too small to be like the other producers in the world. Our only hope is to be different. And in Bellavista we have always been different, not by trying to please, but by producing something that lasts.

We cultivate the time of waiting, in every single gesture and in every single thought. We don't rush things when it comes to slow blossoming and slow ripening. We work on these with time-proven cultivation methods, which comply with the rhythms of nature and do not try to cheat it with any hyper- technical language. We follow our course, with resolution and patience and according to the unchanging and natural time of things, preferring the experience and knowledge of one's hands. The privilege of the right vineyard exposures; mass selection; vine training methods; manual harvest and pressing, harvest selections (vineyard by vineyard, row by row); fermentation in small white oak casks, an allegiance between wine and wood, which is essential for refining the character of our Franciacorta wines; selections of different vintages – over 100 – and those of our reserve wines – over 20 – with which we create each of our cuvees; re-fermentation in bottles in our cellars at a constant temperature of 13°C and then silent refinement over long years (more than six sometimes). This is a time of peace and this is the basis of a wine's salvation and longevity, enabling us to be sure that the time of waiting will become a time of friendship, and underlining the value of true time-proven bonds.

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Bellavista 'Alma' Cuvee Brut NV
92  Wine Advocate 
Wine Advocate 92 "I have been tasting wines since 1968, first as a serious amateur, and then, since 1978, as a professional critic. I can unequivocally state that this is one of the finest Italian sparkling wines I have ever had. It establishes a new reference point for this category in Italy. It
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