Bouvet Ladubay

Bouvet-Ladubay history dates back to 1851, when it was founded by Etienne Bouvet. It is the second oldest sparkling wine–producing house in Saumur. By 1890, it had become France's largest producer of méthode traditionnelle wines. It remains one of France's greatest producers of méthode traditionnelle sparkling wine using the Loire Valley's indigenous Chenin Blanc blended with small amounts of Chardonnay.

For Bouvet-Ladubay, wine is a living art that must be practiced with wisdom, uniting tradition, experience and the most finely tuned technology in the creation of refined, handcrafted wines of impeccable quality and consistency.

Bouvet 'Signature' Brut NV
"This dry, delicately fruity sparkling wine shows crisp citrus and white fruit flavors with a hint of toast refined by notes of Chardonnay ending in a fresh, lively finish." ~ Winery Notes
Item Number: 5123
Case: $131.40

Bouvet 'Saphir' Brut Vintage 2005
"A finely-structured vintage sparkling wine from the Loire Valley, this elegant cuv?e shows ripe, balanced white fruit flavors marked by nuances of Chardonnay ending in a crisp, toasty subtly complex finish." ~ Winery Notes

Bouvet 'Rose' Rose Brut Escellence NV
"Flattering colour with hints of salmon-pink and 'partridge'. Very fine bubbles and a ripe berry bouquet with redcurrant and long lasting aroma of vine peach. Cabernet structures the palate with hints of blackcurrant and quince. A distinguished wine, well bred and with balanced tannins typical of