Cantina Puianello

Cantina Puianello Dolce Rosso Marzemino
"Dolce Rosso is a young sweet sexy wine. Made from the Marzamino grape. With hints of sweet cherries and a round smooth finish. A MUST for any wine drinker who enjoys sweeter reds or the perfect addition for a party." ~ Winery notes
Item Number: 4358
Case: $107.40

Cantina Puianello Dolce Rosato 'Lambrusco Rose'
"A sweet sparking sexy Rose'. A gorgeous, deep, rich, ruby red color, with hints of cherries, raspberry and cranberry flavors that will make your mouth water. This is what GOOD Lambrusco is all about. A must for when you want a delicious sparkling wine with a bit of sweetness or when you just want