Cantina Terlano Wines

Founded in 1893, Cantina Terlano has grown into one of the leading wine growers' cooperatives in the Alto Adige region of northeastern Italy. Located in the Dolomite Mountains in the foothills of the Alps, Terlano's distinctive location and extraordinary terroir are key to the development of their stunning wines. Situated in a sheltered hollow, Terlano benefits from an ideal south‐facing exposure. Vineyard slopes ranging from 250m-900m ASL provide perfect conditions for the cultivation of grapes, especially Lagrein, a variety that is indigenous to the Alto Adige region. Vineyards composed of red porphyric rocks with high mineral content accumulate and retain the day's warmth, while the porous soil allows the water to drain, keeping the soil dry around the roots of the vines. These factors, combined with the cool evening temperatures, create wines of incredibly depth and potentially for aging. With a current membership of 143 growers farming a total area of 165 hectares, Terlano insures the highest standards of quality by compensating growers for the quality of their grapes not the quantity. In the vineyards, the emphasis is on reducing yield in favor of producing more concentrated fruit.
Terlano produces 30 percent red and 70 percent white wines, all of them of DOC quality designation. Following a winery renovation in 2009, the cellars now include a total of 18,000m of storage space, which ensures that the wines can develop undisturbed.

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Terlano Kreuth Chardonnay 2014
91  Wine Advocate 
Wine Advocate 91+ "The oak-aged 2014 Alto Adige Terlano Chardonnay Kreuth is a beautiful wine that demonstrates that hard work in the winery can overcome any vintage adversity. Some white wines in 2014 taste thin and watery, but not this Chardonnay. This is a generous and layered wine with abundant