Cascina Degli Ulivi

Cascina degli Ulivi produces wines from vineyards of around 16 hectares that have been worked using biodynamic methods since 1985. The estate has been in the Bellotti family since the 1930's and is now run by Stefano Bellotti. He is deeply commmited to organics and biodynamics, and raises not only vines but vegetables and livestock, which are sold wholesale and also served at their small restaurant attached to their agriturismo rooms for rent. As Stefano puts it, "We consider that the soil is a 'companion organism' for everything that lives. In working our vines, we foster the potential harmony of all those forces that contribute to the flow of vitality (of the vine)". The grapes are hand-harvested, crushed and fermented with wild yeasts and withouth sulfur. The wines are aged in a range of well-used old barrels and botti, the largest clocking in at 11,000 liters. They are bottled without fining or filtering.

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Cascina degli Ulivi Semplicemente Rosso 2016
50% Barbera/50% Dolcetto (a strain of it called Nibio). The fruit is destemmed, crushed and spontaneously co-fermented in old barrels with a maceration of about 3 weeks. The wine is aged in old 2000-3000-liter barrels. There is no sulfur added at any point. This is Stefano’s entry-level red, the
Item Number: 30371
Case: $203.40

Cascina degli Ulivi Semplicemente Bianco 2017
100% Cortese from a mix of Gavi and not-Gavi vines on red clay soils. The fruit is destemmed and spontaneously fermented in tank and barrel. The wine is aged 3 to 6 months in a gigantic 11,000-liter oak cask. There is no sulfur added at any point. This is Stefano’s entry-level white, the crown cap
Item Number: 29752
Case: $197.40

Cascina degli Ulivi (Gavi) 2015
100% Cortese from Gavi vineyards, however the DOCG powers-that-be deemed the color and nose of the wine to be too atypical of Gavi, hence.... IVAG!   Straw yellow, nose reminds one of rich citrus fruit that is embellished with hints of boxwood and hazelnut. In the mouth it's rich, mineral driven,