Ch Berres

Since 1510 the Berres family has grown and made great Rieslings in the privileged sites of Ăśrzig, Erden and Wehlen. Markus Berres, 21st generation, succeeded his father Alfred in 2004. Following graduation from the Geisenheim Institute and one year in the New Zealand wine industry, Markus is relaunching his family's nine-acre estate.

C. H. Berres 'Spatlese' Urzinger Wurzgarten 2002
Winery Notes "The Berres family has resided and worked in the vineyard of Urzig since the 1510. Upon secularization of the Mozel by Napolean, one of the first great private wine estates to be established was that of Peter Nicolay in Urzig, and it included some of the finest sites in Germany.

CH Berres Wehlener Klosterberg Spat 1993
"Intense mineral and sea salt notes give this a racy allure. Crisp green apple and white cherry are rich and finely textured. This really hums on the finish with ripe citrus and kiwifruit notes. An elegant, minerally complex wine with the classic garden spice of this great site. Klosterberg was