Chateau De Suduiraut

The estate takes the name of Suduiraut in 1580, following the marriage of Nicole d'Allard with Léonard de Suduiraut. The castle, looted and burned during the Fronde, was rebuilt in the seventeenth century, and renamed Cru du Roy in the late eighteenth century, following its recovery by a nephew of the Suduiraut family, Jean Joseph Duroy, Baron de Noaillan. The house is adorned with a cartouche where the arms of Suduiraut and Duroy, at the origin of the current coat of arms of Château Suduiraut, meet. Beautiful French gardens, designed by Le Nôtre, famous gardener of King Louis XIV, come to decorate the property.

On April 18, 1855, the estate is classified Premier Cru when ranking the wines of the Gironde.

It was taken over in 1992 by AXA Millésimes, whose mission is to preserve and perpetuate the great know-how of the history and culture of wine with one objective: to allow great wines, from vineyards with glorious past, to express their full potential.

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Castelnau de Suduiraut Sauternes 2012 375ml
Please note this is a 375mL (wine) bottle, which is smaller than a regular 750mL bottle!
92  Wine Enthusiast 
Wine Enthusiast 92“This generous and opulent wine is full and ripe, with well intergrated fruit. It offers spice and layers of rich honey and is ready to drink.” ~R.V.
Item Number: 30526
Case: $179.40

Castelnau de Suduiraut Sauternes 2011 375ml
93  Wine Enthusiast 
Wine Enthusiast 93 “Illogically, there are two second wines at this estate. This is the richer of the two (the other is Lions). It has intensity, spice, ripe apricot fruit and a smooth, dense texture. Its honey and botrytis notes are just right while the thread of acidity keeps it all in place.”

Chateau de Suduiraut Sauternes 2011 375ml
96  Wine Spectator 
Wine Spectator 96 "A big, broad, powerful style, with piecrust, roasted almond and hazelnut cream notes framing the core of apricot, creamed peach and dried mango. Picks up extra fig and pear details through the toasty finish. Needs a bit of time to finish sorting itself out. Best from 2017 through

Chateau de Suduiraut Sauternes 2009 375ml
98  Wine Advocate 
Wine Advocate 98 "The 2009 is one of the greatest wines ever produced from the estate. It has a riveting bouquet of quince, honey, pear and a touch of clarified butter that is beautifully defined, offering scents of yellow flowers with continued aeration. It is a little heavier and more intense