Chateau Livran

Château Livran has more than 700 years of history in the Médoc region. Woods and vines surround an immense 3000m² building, harmoniously built over the centuries. It all started in 1280, with the brothers Arnaud and Béraud de Goth who were treasurers to the kings of France and England. Arnaud's son, Bertrand would be better known as Pope Clement V.
These noblemen owners continued until the 1914 war, when the property was used as a makeshift hospital. Then Château Livran became a seat for the resistance during the Second World War. It is even said that General de Gaulle spent his last night at the property before leaving for England in 1945.

Today, we find Edwige Lurton Michon, daughter of the famous Lucien Lurton and Olivier Michon running the Château. They bought the property in 2013. Inspired by this Medoc jewel, located in a contiguous geographical area, they are enjoying reviving this beautiful estate, bringing all the necessary modernity to its development, while respecting the accomplished work of their predecessors.

After much renovation work (new winery, purchase of concrete vats) and a replanting plan, the Michon family implemented a careful wine-making programme with particular attention given to the vine throughout the year. The objective: to express the diversity of the terroir as best as possible, by controlling each stage. "If we compare a vine plant to the human body, you have to give it the opportunity to develop in a harmonious way", says Olivier Michon.

Respecting both natural and human resources, the Michon couple capitalise on the estate's assets with natural temperature regulation and optimisation of the water source; this allows them to work each plot individually in the most effective way. Paying close attention to the quality of the soil and monitoring it, Edwige and Olivier work the land gently, will which soon allow them to eliminate the use of herbicide.

Today the estate produces 150,000 bottles including 50% Château Livran Cru Bourgeois and 50% Sources de Livran (second wine). With its typical Médoc terroir made up of clay-limestone soil, Château Livran also enjoys the influence of a maritime climate, which gives the vine regular water nutrition, encouraging good grape ripening.

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Chateau Livran Bordeaux 2015
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Wine Enthusiast 90 "From one of the properties owned by the Lurton family, this wine is well balanced, rich with solid tannins and great fruits. With its 55% Merlot and 45% Cabernet Sauvignon it is balanced between jammy red  berries and black currants."  55% Merlot, 45% Cabernet Sauvignon Cru
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