Cypress Vineyards

From California's legendary Central Coast we present Cypress Vineyards, wines which translate the alchemy of fruit, climate, earth and water into a poetic expression of flavors so radiant and refreshing they taste as if they were kissed by sun and sea. The ocean's influence on this winegrowing region is significant, keeping coastal and inland valleys refreshingly cool, preserving the grape's natural acidity and flavor. Temperature is critical for development of flavor, fragrance, and acidity--too little heat, and grapes rarely ripen--too much, and the acidity, delicate and endearing qualities of the grape are lost. For wines from Cypress Vineyards, the daily cooling air from the Pacific moves directly from the Monterey Bay and down the Monterey appellations of the Salinas Valley, creating flavorful wines with finesse and balance. Says winemaker Jeff Meier, "We've leveraged the classic Central Coast winegrowing conditions--warm air, tempered by cool maritime winds, which extends the growing season and yields grapes with characteristic intensity and true varietal flavor--with our hand-crafted styling to create Cypress Vineyards, a new world wine that's simultaneously vibrant and elegant."

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Cypress Vineyards Cabernet Sauvingnon 2017
"The 2017 Cypress Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon features a deep red color with aromas of black currant and a hint of dark roasted coffee. The palate is rich and supple, leaving an impression that is serious enough for the connoisseur and friendly enough for the casual wine drinker. A delicious
Item Number: 21187

Cypress Vineyards Cabernet Sauvingnon 2013
"This vintage produced exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon with ripe, pure varietal fruit flavors. Our passionate commitment to our red wines from Cypress Vineyards is to preserve and showcase the alluring black currant and cherry fruit flavors resplendent in grapes grown in the Central Coast." ~ Winery