Dal Maso Colli Berici

Dal Maso Colli Berici Tai Rosso 2016
This wine is produced purely with 100% Tai Rosso, the primary grape of the Berici Hills. The Tai Rosso expresses itself in this wine with force and shows all the character of the Berici Hills. Hints of red fruit mixes with natural spicy notes, typical of the Tai Rosso on the soil of the Berici
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Dal Maso Colli Berici Tai Rosso 2015
Tai Rosso, also called Grenache in France, Garnacha in Spain and Cannonau in Sardinia. A vigorous vine that gives wines rich in alcohol, medium acidity and therefore a pleasant and elegant roundness. That wine strikes for its aromatic intensity with its very mature black fruit notes, spices and a