Domaine Champalou

Domaine Champalou Vouvray Cuvee Fondraux 2017
At the end of a long, draining day, you deserve to relax with a glass of this silky nectar, full of lovely notes of pear, melon, and pineapple. Les Fondraux is elegant and forthcoming, just like the Champalou family, who put all their craftsmanship into making it. Slightly off-dry and very aromatic,
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Domaine Champalou Vouvray Cuvee Fondraux 2016
"The Champalou’s dry and off-dry Vouvrays have become among the most frequently seen on the American restaurant list, and no wonder, given both their phenomenal quality:price rapport and their style. Like the Vouvray, harvest happens early in the morning for the Fondraux and the grapes are
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