Domaine Sigalas

"Sigalas is one of Greece's finest white wine producers – in fact, a short list candidate for the best. I would like to take credit for that conclusion, but there is not much dissent here. This producer is universally acclaimed for his skill with Assyrtiko of all types – dry, barrel fermented and sweet – and I can only climb on the bandwagon. Sigalas is simply a master with this grape."
-The Wine Advocate

Domaine Sigalas was founded in 1991 by Paris Sigalas, Christos Markozane and Yiannis Toundas. Initially, Sigalas made his wine at the converted Sigalas family home. In 1998 a new vinification, bottling and aging unit was built in a privately owned area of Oia, on the northern part of Santorini.

Sigalas has been a pioneer in the organic viticulture and has participated in a government organic farming methods program since 1994.
Paris Sigalas remains committed to the founding principles of Domaine Sigalas – a creative relationship with the tradition, the Santorini Vineyards as well as the use of the best in winemaking technology and experience.

Sigalas concentrates on native grape varieties works most closely with Assyrtiko, but also has plantings of Athiri, Aedani, Mandilaria and Mavrotragano. The winery owns 14 hectares of organically grown Assyrtiko and includes permanent cooperation with local grape producers. Recently under cultivation are another 4 hectares of Aedani and Mavrotragano, 2.5 hectares of Assyrtiko and in the near future plans to add another 15 hectares of Assyrtiko.

The porous volcanic soil of Santorini allows the earth to retain water, giving the vineyards the ability to stay nourished during the high summer temperatures. During the hot Greek summer, rains are extremely rare and the only source of water for the vineyards is the nocturnal fogs.
After the evening sun sets the island becomes enveloped in a fog that comes in from the sea. The vines are able to retain the water they need from this evening fog and use it during the warm daylight hours when it is needed most.

Santorini was also one of the rare wine-making areas in the world not attacked by phylloxera, because of the high content of sand found in volcanic soil. Because of their resistance to phylloxera the vines retain their original root stocks.
The winds saturate the island throughout the year. The only way for the grapes to survive from the direct exposure of sun and strong winds is to be protected inside low-basket-shaped vines, the "ampelies", as they are called locally forming a unique pruning system. The refreshing northerly winds that blow from July to September, known as the "meltemia", also help keep the vines from developing the numerous fungi that can result from the combination of summer heat and humidity.

Farming Practice:Practicing Organic

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Domaine Sigalas 'Santorini' Assyritko 2018
"The Sigalas Santorini is 100% Assyrtiko, fermented in tempertature controlled stainless steel. The vinyards are in Imerovigli in the northern-most part of Santorini. The soil here is Aspa – black volcanic lava, ash and pumice and is very poor in organic matter. Low yields (15-30 hl per Hectare)
Item Number: 31782
Case: $407.40

Domaine Sigalas 'Aa' Assyrtiko/Athiri 2017
89  Wine Advocate 
Wine Advocate 89 "The 2017 Aa is the typical Sigalas 75/25 blend of Assyrtiko and Athiri, unoaked and coming in at 14% alcohol. This has plenty of substance for the blend, which has been increasingly impressive. This year, though, shows that stuffing, but it has little of the personality I expect
Item Number: 29023
Case: $251.40

Domaine Sigalas 'Santorini' Assyritko 2017
95  Wine & Spirits 
Wine & Spirits 95 "This assyrtiko may not be as powerful as Sigalas’ single-vineyard bottlings, but the 2017 excels in the simple joy and purity it transmits. It’s a liquid landscape of Santorini, from the clean, salty scent of a white-sand beach to the blinding brightness of the white limed

Domaine Sigalas 'Aa' Assyrtiko/Athiri 2016
92  Wine Advocate 
Wine Advocate 92 "The 2016 Aa is the typical 75/25 blend of Assyrtiko and Athiri, unoaked and coming in at 13.5% alcohol. The Assyrtiko is pressed, while the Athiri is free run juice. Many would refer to this bottling as Sigalas' second label because it's less expensive. It's also a blend rather

Domaine Sigalas 'Santorini' Assyritko 2016
95  Wine Advocate 
Wine Advocate 95 "The 2016 Assyrtiko is unoaked and comes in at 14% alcohol. One of the island's benchmarks, this is always in fine form these day–and always rather hard to evaluate when it is young. Deceptively, this bottling doesn't seem intimidating on first taste, but it always hides many

Domaine Sigalas 'Santorini' Assyritko 2015
94  Wine Advocate 
Wine Advocate 94 "The 2015 Assyrtiko, Sigalas' monovarietal Santorini, comes in at 14% alcohol. If this isn't the unoaked wine of the vintage so far, it is pretty close and certainly on my short list. As always, Sigalas is not necessary the big blockbuster, but the winery provides superb

Sigalas 'Aa' Assyrtiko/Athiri 2015
92  Wine Advocate 
Wine Advocate 92 "The 2015 Aa is Sigalas' typical blend, 75/25 Assyrtiko and Athiri. An under-the-radar buy, this is very fine again this year, chock full of flavor and possessed of a long finish. What makes it more special, though, is the way it evolves in the glass with air and warmth, gradually

Domaine Sigalas 'Barrel Fermented' Assyrtiko 2014
94  Wine Advocate 
Wine Advocate 94 "The 2014 Assyrtiko Barrel Fermented is Sigalas' oaked version of the Santorini reviewed this issue, aged for six months in French oak (10% new; the rest fifth and sixth use). It comes in at 14.5% alcohol. This is a big boy, but it seems startlingly elegant in mouthfeel, with fine

Sigalas 'Aa' Assyrtiko/Athiri 2014
92  Wine Advocate 
Wine Advocate 92 "The 2014 Aa is the typical blend from Sigalas (75/25, Assyrtiko and Athiri), unoaked and coming in at 13.0% alcohol (so I'm told, although the label says 13.5%). Often undervalued, this blend does tend to be a bit lighter and more accessible, but it also has a ton of personality

Domaine Sigalas 'Santorini' Assyritko 2014
93  Wine Advocate 
Wine Advocate 93 "The 2014 Assyrtiko (i.e., the Estate Santorini) is unoaked and comes in at 13.5% alcohol. It is a fine example of how it is easy to underrate these wines (Santorini in general, Sigalas in particular) and take certain things for granted. From day one to day two, it became a

Sigalas 'Aa' Assyrtiko/Athiri 2013
90  Wine Advocate 
Wine Advocate 90 - MS "The 2013 Aa is a blend of 75% Assyrtiko and 25% Athiri. (Remember that "Aa" is simply the new name and packaging for the familiar blend Sigalas marketed as Asirtiko / Athiri for many years.) There are times when I think that this is one of the more underrated wines on the

Sigalas Santorini Assyritko 2013
92  Wine Advocate 
Wine Advocate 92 "The 2013 Santorini is Assyrtiko, listed at 13.7% alcohol this year. Fresh and refreshing in this vintage, stylistically this seems to be a very different wine than the rich and ripe 2012 Santorini reviewed last year (or the 2012 Kavalieros submitted this issue). I imagine opinions

Domaine Sigalas 'Aa' Assyrtiko/Athiri 2012
91  Wine Advocate 
Wine Advocate 91 "The 2012 Aa is new branding for Sigalas’ familiar, fine value blend—the former “Asyrtiko-Athiri” (75%-25%). Apart from the new label and the new name, the old, outlier spelling of Assyrtiko with one “s” has also been changed. It comes in at 13.5% alcohol this year. This bargain

Sigalas Santorini Assyritko 2012
90  Wine Advocate 
Wine Advocate 90 "The 2012 Santorini, the 100% Assyrtiko flagship, is a big boy this year, clocking in at 14.5% alcohol, an alcohol spike compared to their norms. Paris Sigalas explained that, as in 2010, sugar levels rose quickly and the harvest was difficult. On opening, this seemed not to miss a

Domaine Sigalas Assyrtiko/Athiri 2011
90  Robert Parker 
Robert Parker 90 "The 2011 Asirtiko / Athiri, is 75% Assyrtiko (notwithstanding the inconsistent spelling on Sigalas' label), with 25% Athiri. It is fragrant and lovely this year, and a terrific value. Given the blend, this will never have the pure depth and power of the top end of the lineup, but

Domaine Sigalas 'Santorini' Assyritko 2011
93  Robert Parker 
Robert Parker 93 "The 2011 Santorini is an exceptional Assyrtiko from Sigalas, another great moment for this estate. On opening, I was actually surprised at how fruity and accessible it seemed, since these often need a lot of time to show well when young. It seemed elegant and refined, with a lush

Domaine Sigalas Assyritko Santorini 2010
91  Wine Spectator 
 Wine Spectator 91 WS TOP 100 2011 Rank 83 "Juicy and rich, with concentrated pear, apple and white fruit flavors that are backed up by plenty of fresh acidity. The intense finish features mineral notes, joined by sea salt and white pepper. Should turn creamy with time in the cellar. Drink now