Eve's Cidery

The sun comes up, the sun sets, the rains come and go and the cold and the heat rotate around the years. And that is as it has been for thousands of years here in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Somewhere, on the side of one of those hill sits our little cider orchard.

Sometimes, we marvel at our hard work: "I grafted those thousand trees, I grew those apples, I built that barn, I put up that trellis." There is honed skill and hard labor involved in growing a crop, and making good cider. But in end, what makes what we do worth doing is a sense of the magic: in leaves absorbing sunlight, roots seeking minerals, raptors hunting mice and apples in the fall.

Here is a vintage of cider, which will never be repeated, reflecting the lives of trees in this one spot for this one year. Here are ciders that are elegant, feral, and mischievous. Here are ciders that surprise and transcend. We hope you enjoy them.

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Eve's Cidery 'Autumn's Gold' Sparkling NV
" This dry cider is a blend of English and French bittersweets and sharps balanced with varieties grown for aroma and acidity. The complex aroma is heavy with perfume of sweet apple blossoms and buckwheat honey, waxy ripe apples, leather and fresh-cut wood. The solidly framed mid-palate is rich and
Item Number: 17951
Case: $179.88

Eve's Cidery 'Darling Creek' Sparkling NV
Mark Squires, The Wine Advocate "Beautifully constructed, this has an intense hit of dry apple up front, an elegant presentation and the acidity to lift the fruit. The sugar makes it a bit less dry than some, but make no mistake about that: this is hardly sweet, just more on the fruity side. The

Eve's Cidery 'Essence' Ice Cider NV 375ml
" Aromas of caramel, baked apple, and allspice. A heavy body and viscous mouth-feel are balanced by a succulent acidity. Sugar and acidity are nearly equal in the finish. " ~ Winery notes