Francis Darroze

Francis Darroze Bas-Armagnacs Bas-Armagnac Reserve Speciale
"The only non-vintage product offered by Darroze, the Reserve is an excellent value made from 10 to 20 year old distillations from the finest terroirs in the region. It is a blend of Bacco, Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche." ~ Marc Darroze

Francis Darroze Bas-Armagnacs Chateau De Gaube 1970
 Notes from Mark Darroze: Vintage 1970 43.5% Golden yellow with darker tints. Complex nose with mature aromas of walnuts and leather. There are fruity elements of dried apricot and prune, and after aeration some menthol. The attack is soft and the tannins are fine and delicate. The palate follows

Francis Darroze Bas-Armagnacs Domaine De Bertruc 1983
 Notes from Mark Darozze: The Bertruc estate is located in the magic area of the best terroirs of Bas-Armagnac: Hontanx, Le Houga, Perquie, Labastide d'Armagnac and of course le Fr?che. On these sandy soils the baco grape is king. At this estate, two main grapes are planted: Bacco and Ugni Blanc.