Fronton De Oro

In 1977, D. Antonio Ramírez bought a small piece of land in the hills of La Lechuza (a small town on the island of Gran Canaria) known locally as "El Frontón", where he planted some vegetables and vines for the family's needs. In 1999 his two sons, Pedro and Antonio, decided to bottle some wine to sell locally. The vineyards are high-elevation– many above 1,000 meters– and in many cases on terraced slopes.

Fronton de Oro Tinto 2016
" A blend of Listan Negro and Tintilla from Spain's Canary Islands, a region gaining much attention due to its unique geography and geology with many vineyards planted at high elevations on terraced slopes carved into volcanic hillsides. The Fronton de Oro Tinto is medium-bodied, rustic, with a nice
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Fronton de Oro Tinto 2015
A blend of primary Listan Negro (aka Mission in California or Pais in Chile) along with 10% Tintilla, this consistent value from the island of Gran Canarias is delicious and original. Peppery, smoky darker cherry aromas lead to a palate of dark fruit with a mineral accent and an underlying, subtlely