Galway Rock Vineyards

High atop Ballston Lake, with views of the mountains stretching to Vermont, sits the home of Galway Rock Vineyard & Winery and Saratoga Sparkling Wine Co. In 2014, Kate and Ryan Taylor started the winery in Galway, New York, using a two stall garage lent to them by Kate's parents where they worked mostly by hand for five years as their clean and elegant wines gained a following and recognition. The inspiration for the garage winery came from the Garagiste movement in France, where renegade winemakers crafted small batches of exceptional wine in the face of tradition.
Building off this idea, the couple has brought the best of the Garagistes movement to the foothills of the Adirondacks where they look forward to sharing this stunning new property and their imaginative wines with you.

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Galway Rock Sparkling 'Blanc'
Saratoga Sparkling Blanc is a sweet and irresistible bubbly made from the golden Vignoles grape (This adaptable grape can produce wines that are comparable to wines produced in the Rhine Valley in Germany) The charming smell of apricots, orange blossom and honey make this golden sweet white sparkle.
Item Number: 33191
Case: $155.40
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Galway Rock Sparkling 'Rose'
Sunshine in a bottle”. Vibrant and deliciously refreshing Rosé with hints of strawberry, roses, and a touch of citrus in each sip. Well balanced between dry and sweet, this crisp and juicy wine pairs with just about any dish you can imagine.
Item Number: 33188
Case: $119.40
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