Gato Negro

With 55 years old, this adventurous wine is the oldest brand of Vin?a San Pedro. Every two seconds three GatoNegro bottles are opened somewhere in the world. Sold in over 80 countries, this cat is truly Adored Everywhere.

The black cat started out as our friendly companion. It charmed our winemaker until he was convinced its very presence inspired amazing wines. And so the black cat became a symbol, a sign of good luck. To spread its fortune with everyone, we put it on all our wines and sent them out to the world. And then the cat became a globetrotter, as lively as ever, filling glasses everywhere with vibrant varieties. Now, many lifetimes and milestones later, this black cat, and this fantastic wine, have arrived here to cross your path.

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Gato Negro 3.0L Cabernet/Merlot BIB 3.0L
"This wine is a dark ruby red color with predominant notes of berries, cherry and cassis, perfectly blended with soft tones of vanilla and chocolate. It's fresh in the mouth, excellent acidity that enhances the fruit, a rich concentration, soft tannins and a very round finish." ~ Winery Notes