Japan's tradition of sake making began more than 2,000 years ago shortly after rice cultivation was introduced from China. Though the first few centuries yielded a beverage quite unlike that of today, years of experience perfected brewing techniques and increased sake's overall appeal and popularity.

In 1637, Gekkeikan's founder, Jiemon Okura established his sake brewery in the town of Fushimi, a location well-known for its high quality of water. Access to the ideal ingredients combined with a convenient location enabled Okura and his successors' business to thrive in the years that followed.

In 1905, the brand name GEKKEIKAN (meaning "crown of laurel") was adopted as the company's formal pledge to excellence. Through this commitment, the company became a true leader in the industry and pioneered a number of research and development efforts. The successful results of these endeavors have enabled Gekkeikan to become the nation's one of the most popular brand.

With a greater world wide appreciation of Japanese cuisine over the last decades, Gekkeikan sake has been experiencing a tremendous growth in popularity.

To meet this increase in demand, Gekkeikan Sake (USA) , Inc. was established in Folsom, California in 1989. Today, Gekkeikan's passion for pleasing the sake connoisseur remains unchanged. Dedicated just as the founder was over 370 years ago, both Gekkeikan Japan and Gekkeikan USA continue the tradition of both taste and quality.

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Gekkeikan 'Zipang' Sparkling 'Junmai' Sake 250ml
Please note this is a 250mL (bottle) bottle, which is smaller than a regular 750mL bottle!
"ZIPANG is naturally carbonated 'Junmai' quality Sake. Served chilled, ZIPANG has a sweet yet refreshingly light flavor." ~ Winery Notes
Item Number: 11859
Case: $59.88

Gekkeikan 'Black & Gold' Sake
"This versatile sake has a smooth, mellow flavor and can be enjoyed warmed, room temperature or chilled. Serve from this traditional "tokkuri" container that was used when purchasing sake in the old days. " ~Winery Notes
Item Number: 8156
Case: $77.94

Gekkeikan Sake
"This versatile sake can be served warmed, room temperature or chilled. It is aged for approximately 6 months to achieve its mellow flavor." ~Winery Notes
Item Number: 4557
Case: $71.88

Gekkeikan Kobai Plum
"Using select rice polished to 50% of its original size, this ultrapremium "junmai daiginjo" sake is slowly fermented at low temperatures to give it a refreshing fruit like aroma and mild flavor. Enjoy chilled or room temperature." ~Winery Notes
Item Number: 4474

Gekkeikan 'Draft' Sake 187ml
"Microfiltered, rather than heat pasteurized, this sake has a smooth, fresh flavor. With a semi-dry character and just a hint of banana, it is designed to be enjoyed chilled or over ice." ~ Winery Notes

Gekkeikan 'Gold' Premium Sake
"This premium sake is made from two select varieties of rice resulting in a refined taste and mild aroma. Serve slightly warmed, chilled or over ice." ~ Winery Notes

Gekkeikan Sake Haiku
"Slow fermentation at low temperatures gives this sake a slightly dry flavor with a light aroma reminiscent of orchard apples. Enjoy chilled or over ice." ~Winery Notes