Harlow Ridge Winery

The Napa Ridge Winery at 33 Harlow Court in Napa, California, home to our Napa Valley wines, Napa Ridge Appellation wines and Coastal Ridge wines, has become a world-class winery with state-of-the-art bottling facilities and a spacious barrel aging room. In addition, there is a chef's kitchen, timbered dining room and an outdoor entertainment area that is reminiscent of early California hospitality. Influenced by the early 20th century Arts and Crafts style architecture of Bernard Maybeck and Berkeley's Julia Morgan, Napa Ridge Winery features a rich, earthy style. Beneath the terra cotta tile roof, some ceilings are created from massive reclaimed fir beams and vintage redwood tank staves. A graceful, two-story arched doorway leads to the interior where tile and artisanal woodwork are showcased. Atop the winery, a cupola encloses a wood-paneled library and a hand-carved limestone fireplace. Catalina-style ceramic tiles, based on designs of the 1920s and '30s, punctuate floors, stairs and walls throughout the building. The large outdoor entertainment area, where Valencia orange trees and a tiled fountain welcome guests, is patterened after the Patio de los Naranjas in Seville. The thoughtful design, attention to detail and passion for aesthetics reflect the award-winning winemaking that takes place within. With contemporary appeal rooted in an enduring style that witnessed the rebirth of the California wine industry, Napa Ridge Winery at 33 Harlow Court is the perfect home for the simply delicious wines of Napa Ridge and Coastal Ridge.

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Harlow Ridge Winery Chardonnay 2014
A creamy texture is the foundation that supports layers of fruit and spicy flavors. Apple and pear mingle with vanilla and butter to create a satisfying impression on the senses. The finish is full, with crisp acidity preparing the palate for another sip.