Ichishima Seishu Sake NV 720ml
2011 Japan National New Saké Competition"Light and refreshing, this very drinkable sake is perfect for everyday enjoyment. Its clean nose is gently reinforced by hints of almonds and stone fruits. Extremely versatile, it can be enjoyed both chilled and warmed, or used in mixed drinks."

Ichishima Junmai Sake 300ml
"This is what Junmai is all about. Round and creamy, this sake has notes of apple and banana, while smoky components linger in the background. A classic Niigata junmai." ~ Winery notes

Ichishima Tokubetsu Honjozo Sake 300ml
"This delightfully refined honjozo is rich and dry, with complex notes of spices and nuts. Just a hint a sea breeze causes this classic example of the Niigata Style to pair well with shellfish, cooked vegetables or roast turkey." ~ Winery notes

Ichishima 'Silk' Junmai 500ml
" Silk in a bottle, this sake is light and smooth. Its mild sweetness is well-integrated with good acidity. Refreshing notes of honeydew melon and cucumber make it an ideal sake to sip chilled, or even served in cocktails. " ~ Winery notes