Indian Ladder Farmstead

ILF C&B 'Seckel Solution' Pear Cider 4-16oz Cans
" Seckel pears are sweet and high in tannins, making them ideal for producing a fruity and flavorful hard cider. Seckel Solution is a blend of Seckel pear and apple cider. This light, dry, and tangy cider is quite refreshing on a warm spring day and pairs nicely with spicy food. " ~ Winery notes
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ILF C&B 'Dry Hard Cider' Hard Cider 4-16oz Cans
" Our signature blend, Dry Hard Cider, consists of a blend of multiple apple varietals for a complex and refreshing flavor. It has a light body with mild effervescence and fresh fruit notes. Pour a tall glass and enjoy the scent of pure apple cider with absolutely no artificial ingredients. Dry Hard
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ILF C&B 'Cross Pollinator' CrabApple Cider 4-16oz Cans
" Crab apple trees are used to pollinate apple trees in an orchard. They are extremely sour due to their high malic acid content. Blending crab apple cider with our traditional apple cider gives The Cross Pollinator its lovely tartness. The Cross Pollinator pairs well with strong cheeses and cured