Kesser Concord Grape is a classic sweet wine for Kiddush and festive occasions. Featuring bright, jammy fruit flavors and a lower alcohol content, it is made from carefully-selected New York Concord grapes. Easy-drinking and versatile, Kesser Concord Grape is delicious served slightly chilled as an aperitif or with lightly-flavored hors d'oeuvres.

Kesser Eminent Dry
"Semi-dry table wine. Made from French hybrid grapes. A blend of DeChaunac and Cayuga.." ~Winery Notes
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Kesser '770' Seven Seventy
"Semi-sweet, with a full flavored fruity finish. Goes well with full flavored fish or chicken dishes." ~Winery Notes
Item Number: 5760

Kesser Niagara Blanc
"A lusciously sweet and rich flavored wine, excellent as an aperitif, with lightly flavored foods and especially for Kiddush." ~ Winery notes

Kesser Concord Grape 1.5L
"Sweet, fruity table wine, produced from 100% Concord grapes. Try with light flavored fish or chicken dishes." ~Winery Notes