La Craie

Vouvary La Craie is 100% Chenin Blanc custom cuvée from hillside parcels just outside the village of Vouvray. Produced from young vines (15- 25 years old), this bottling is almost always a light demi-sec (8-12 grams of residual sugar). A delicious introduction to Chenin Blanc! It is assembled in Vouvray, sees no wood, is bottled fresh and young, and is designed to offer the striking crispness that one expects from the Loire but with a very small amount of residual sugar for an added layer of complexity.

La Craie Vouvray Chenin Blanc 2016
A project between Lionel Gauthier and Jon-David Headrick, La Craie is made from fruit grown on tuffeau clay soils near the village of Vouvray. Bottled with between 8 and 12 g/L of residual sugar it is on the lighter side of demi-sec and displays all the winsome charms and flexibility at the table
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