Little Penquin

Like the charming and approachable seabird on the label, the Little Penguin wines are appropriate for any occasion. From a party with the whole colony to a quite night in the burrow, the Little Penguin enjoys nothing more than socializing and foraging for delicacies. Consider yourself invited to do the same with these delightful South Eastern Australian wines. Great wines for everyday enjoyment, from the land Down UnderĀ®.

Little Penquin Cab/Merlot 1.5L
"Intense ruby red in colour, on the nose, aromas of blackberries and cassis with notes of herbs. Medium tannins. Well-balanced in acidity. Rich and intense red wine in style. On the palate, flavour of plum and mulberry, hint of dark chocolate, oaky and smooth, rounded, fruit-driven and jammy. It has
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