As farm kids growing up in the late 1950's and early 1960's, the Giguiere brothers were veritable pyromaniacs, setting numerous things on fire--including the family wheat fields. Fearing total ruin of house and farm, the boys' father one day left them at the city jail for an hour's "stay" to impress upon them the dangers of their fascination with fire. But it was to no avail. They soon graduated to launching rockets, which resulted in more uncontrolled blazes and calls to the fire department. Over time, the Giguiere boys outgrew their fascination with the flame. But even today they look at the Matchbook brand with fond memories of the fires they once stoked. Dunnigan Hills is often overlooked in conversations about Wine Country. But a lot of wineries from other appellations purchase fruit – a lot of fruit – from our vineyards. Those who have never visited, lump us into the Central Valley. Winery insiders know these hills are a hidden gem. The soils are full of red gravel; the nights are cool and breezy; the growing season is long as is the horizon. This region checks every box for premium wine grapes, but we are never satisfied with just checking boxes. We are propelled by innovation. Experimental trellis techniques and irrigation methods, new clones, cover crops and tilling. There is nothing we won't try in our life's mission to improve the quality of our appellation. Dunnigan Hills is worth looking over.

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Matchbook Estate Old Head Chardonnay 2017
90  Wine Enthusiast 
Wine Enthusiast 90This medium-bodied wine is subtle on the nose, but opens up on the palate to rich fruit and spice flavors that coat the tongue. It is balanced toward the soft side, but with underling acidity to balance the richness.
Item Number: 32755

Matchbook 'Arsonist' Red Blend 2016
"Opulent and Luscious Essence of dried blueberries and juicy plum. Hints of dark chocolate and truffle tannins."~Winery Notes
Item Number: 31243
Case: $197.40
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Matchbook Chardonnay 2016
92  Wine Enthusiast 
Wine Enthusiast 92 "This wine from Matchbook has been improving steadily over recent vintages and now it's taken a big step toward more finesse and less flash. A very soothing mouthfeel and generous, but not overt, flavors make a great combination in this creamy, yummy and full-bodied wine. It has

Matchbook 'Arsonist' Red Blend 2015
"Opulent and Luscious Essence of dried blueberries and juicy plum. Hints of dark chocolat and truffle tannins."~Winery Notes

Matchbook Arsonist Red Blend 2014
91  Wine Enthusiast 
Wine Enthusiast 91Editors' Choice“This blend of Petit Verdot, Malbec, and Cabernet Sauvignon incorporates wonderful, spicy oak with a ripe and generous core of black fruit... oak is well integrated and complements the blackberry and blueberry flavors deftly.Editors’ Choice – J.G.

Matchbook Chardonnay 2015
89  Wine Enthusiast 
Wine Enthusiast 89 “ Rich and oaky... It has an abundance of baking spice, butter and toasted- baguette flavors, full body and apleasantly viscous texture.” –J.G.  "This Estate Bottled Chardonnay is a showcase for the Dunnigan Hills terroir, with lush, full, rich tropical characters. This golden

Matchbook Chardonnay 2014
88  Wine Enthusiast 
Wine Enthusiast 88 "This big but balanced wine has melon and apple aromas, lots of fruit and toasty oak in the flavors, and a super-smooth and rich texture. The finish lingers." -JG  " This elegant Chardonnay sits beautifully in the glass with its golden straw color. Aromas of ripe pear and

Matchbook 'Tinto Rey' 2011
"The grapes were gently crushed and fermented in small temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. A combination of specially selected yeast and native yeast was used to enhance color and flavor extraction without harsh tannins. The tanks were pumped over twice a day until nearly dry, then pressed

Matchbook 'Tinto Rey' 2010
90  Wine Advocate 
Wine Advocate 90 " This winery hit a bull's eye with their 2010 Tinto Rey (...), a proprietary red blend of 49% Tempranillo, 27% Syrah, 15% Graciano, 6% Cabernet Sauvignon and 3% Tannat. This seriously endowed red spent 26 months in a combination of American, French and Hungarian oak. A beauty, it

Matchbook Tinto Rey 2009
91  Robert Parker 
Robert Parker 91 "Another interesting concoction is the 2009 Tinto Rey, a blend of 40% Tempranillo, 35% Syrah, 19% Graciano, 4% Cabernet Sauvignon and 4% Tannat that also spent 22 months in American, French and Hungarian oak. It reveals a rich, full mouthfeel in addition to abundant black and blue

Matchbook Tinto Rey 2007
 "Varietal Blend: 43% Syrah, 40% Tempranillo, 7% Malbec, 6% Petit Verdot, 4% Graciano  Tinto Rey means Red King. Tempranillo is the king of Spanish red wines and one of the most important varietals in our Matchbook Vineyard in the Dunnigan Hills. The Spanish varietals Tempranillo and Graciano

Matchbook Chardonnay 2013
"The opulence of this wine is evident by its beautiful golden straw color. Aromas of spiced pears, caramel and baked apple are layered over butterscotch and brown barrel spices. The flavors are an enticing play of crisp apple and cream, Crenshaw melon and Crème brûlée. We make this rich, full-boded